Analytics Solutions

Filter through the noise to learn what’s working, and fix what isn’t


See how all your marketing programs are performing across the funnel—in one unified view.

Performance Manager gives you visibility across your marketing efforts to see how you’re attracting, engaging and converting your audiences. It connects normally separate data from advertising campaigns, website activity, and CRM sales forecasts all under the lens of companies, to enable a clear view across your funnel. Performance Manager allows you to isolate awareness, engagement and conversion so you know exactly what is working, and where there are weak spots. You can also see how each of your audiences connects to actual revenue opportunities, allowing you to measure overall program ROI.

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Get insight into your website traffic that actually means something for your business.

Most B2B marketers value web analytics tools for showing them how much traffic their website is getting, which pages are most popular, how visitors are hitting goal/conversion pages and other general quantitative metrics. But B2B companies market and sell to other businesses, and many of their website visitors could never become customers. Having the ability to separate the high-value website visitors who work at target accounts from the rest of the low-value noise is the best way marketing can deliver on its efforts and promises.

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