Scaling Website Personalization
with Artificial Intelligence

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Marketers today struggle to connect 1:1 with customers and prospects – and nowhere is that more apparent than the B2B website. It’s a critical platform for engaging prospects, but 60% bounce after just one page.

Technology can help us, but not when it’s geared towards spamming people with impersonal messages. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), B2B marketers have finally found a way to turn data into meaningful insights, converting those insights into action – at scale.

In this webinar, Phil Hollrah and David Hsieh, SVP at Qubole, will discuss how Demandbase is integrating AI into website personalization to optimize the customer experience.

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • You can provide your website visitors with hyper-targeted content recommendations
  • Qubole leveraged artificial intelligence to tackle website personalization challenges
  • Qubole overcame those challenges in a few weeks to accelerate the buying process