Optimize Your ABM Strategy with Automated Advertising

Watch this webinar for more details on the product release notes as well as an in-platform walk-through of how you can optimize your advertising campaigns by leveraging Dynamic Audiences in the Demandbase ABM Platform.


Optimize Your ABM Strategy with Automated Advertising

Now you can automate your advertising and marketing with the most relevant audiences based on CRM updates, recent offsite intent, website engagement or other attributes specific to your business objectives. Automated Advertising is enabled through Dynamic Audiences and allows marketers to:

  • Automatically advertise to strategic accounts with relevant content
  • Bring efficiency to marketing spend by targeting and engaging with high-intent buyers
  • Target audiences and segments automatically, saving time and bandwidth

Be sure to join the webinar for an in-platform walkthrough of the new release as well as actionable insights and best practices on how to:

  • Set up always-on campaigns
  • Leverage intent data for smarter advertising investments
  • Increase marketing efficiency across the entire funnel
  • Automate your advertising for more integrated ABM programs and less manual labor

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