Introducing Demandbase
Real-Time Intent Data

Now you can get ahead of the buying cycle.

What is Real-Time Intent

As the B2B buying process has become more complex, much of the buyer’s journey remains invisible to marketers. While we’ve had a clear view into what our prospects do when they come to our websites, we haven’t had much insight to their behavior outside of them. Unfortunately, a majority of their vendor research happens well before they visit our websites, across blogs, social media and competitor sites. To reach these buyers at the first sign of interest and get a leg up on the competition, marketers need to identify and understand their true intent early on — and link this knowledge to marketing and sales activities, before it’s too late to influence the buying cycle.

Demandbase Real-Time Intent identifies the online activities of accounts and buying committees to capture their first moment of interest in your company. Real-Time Intent tracks activity across the Internet, so you can understand which accounts are researching topics relevant to your products, which is the first, true sign of intent.

Real-time Intent Graph

How to use Real-Time Intent: Turn Intent into Action

Reach your target accounts early in the buying cycle

  • Exploring other offerings
  • Target prospects who are starting to research your competitors
  • Identify the accounts and buying committees interested in your products and services
  • Identify and nurture at risk customers

Automate actions

  • Create personalized website experiences for accounts showing early intent
  • Trigger sales outreach to accounts that show a spike in intent
  • Deliver personalized advertising to the accounts showing the highest level of intent

How it works

Real-Time Intent leverages a combination of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to analyze and learn from Demandbase’s comprehensive B2B database. Drawing annually on 600 billion B2B interactions across the web, 4 billion IP addresses, and 36B B2B site visits, it’s the only intent-monitoring technology that instantly maps global B2B interactions between accounts and individual buyers with B2B products and topics.