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Make Smarter Decisions and Grow Your Book of Business with Account Intelligence

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October 27, 2022

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Feature Make Smarter Decisions and Grow Your Book of Business with Account Intelligence

Make Smarter Decisions and Grow Your Book of Business with Account Intelligence

Empowering sales teams, fostering alignment within the organization, and driving upsell and cross-sell opportunities are all tasks on the to-do lists of sales executives at companies across many industries. Now add meeting the demands of the supply chain to the list… 


That’s what manufacturing sales leaders are in for. A behemoth challenge.  

So how do manufacturing sales executives manage? We recently hosted a webinar with industry giant HP where their Region Sales Manager, Paul Barton, joined us to talk about how HP has leveraged technology and Account Intelligence in recent years to make smarter decisions, helping sales close deals easier and faster.

In this webinar, it became clear how a technology like Account Intelligence can help you:

  • Uncover opportunities to grow your book of business
  • Become more efficient in your day-to-day life
  • Leverage technology to be more successful, just like HP

Manufacturing sales challenges

HP works with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and licenses HP technology to them so they can make finished industrial printers. With this being such a niche pool of prospects, HP partnered with Demandbase in the hopes of optimizing their sales outreach and ensuring accuracy in their databases. 

HP’s sales challenges all derived from one anchor issue: multiple data sources. Multiple data sources inevitably means siloed systems, outdated data (which leads to conflicts matching information down the line once it’s updated in one system but not the rest), and all of that ultimately leads to a lot of wasted time on updates and pursuing bad leads (or good leads with the wrong information in hand). 

Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud to the rescue

HP had tried a number of different vendors in the hopes of doing away with their long-standing data issues, but none was able to solve the problem. Given the series of challenges all being rooted in data sourcing, HP found that Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud offered specific features that addressed one-to-one the issues they were facing. 

  • Contact Details: HP is now able to find contacts with email addresses and cell phones included. They can also now personalize their outreach with relevant details that increase their chances of a response. 
  • Build Contact Lists: With this feature, HP can now find the best contacts in minutes as they were all quickly added to their CRM with a click –– doing away with manual entry and the potential errors that come with that. Not to mention the time saved! 
  • Connections: As Paul said during the webinar, “cold calls are the worst.” Instead of a cold outreach, HP is now able to leverage existing connections within their network that can facilitate a warm introduction to penetrate accounts faster. This goes well beyond the scope of what LinkedIn can offer. 
  • Technographics: To sell technology, you have to know the technology your prospect is currently using (to know where it falls short and where you can offer value). Demandbase technographics enabled HP to qualify prospects based on their techstack. 
  • Intent: HP can now use intent signals with information like what companies intend to buy now and what topics they care about today to identify “propensity to purchase.”  

With the Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud in hand, salespeople can show their teams who matters most –– and what matters most to them. In the webinar (at the 10:33 mark) you can find a summarized deep dive into the Sales Intelligence Cloud features that help teams like HP sales to have all their critical Account Intelligence in one place (and updated in real-time), get critical news alerts that can help find the right time and reason for an outreach, and leverage family trees and connections to deepen engagement.  

Key benefits 

As Paul and the team at HP have used Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud more and more, the list of benefits grew and became vital for their day-to-day use:

  • Save time in research and outreach.
  • Find decision-makers and influencers, so that they don’t spin wheels going to the wrong people. And going straight to the “obvious” purchasing person is not necessarily the best route. Sales is about being strategic, and Account Intelligence helps HP with that strategy.
  • More qualified leads, which for salespeople is key for better overall results. 
  • Ease of use, which is critical to get team-wide use and fast onboarding for a faster ROI.
  • Effective engagement (and great support from Demandbase to leverage the features to their fullest potential).

You can enjoy the webinar in full and listen to Paul’s first-hand account about his and HP’s experience deploying Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud, and you can also feel free to reach out to our team for a demo that helps you understand how technology and data can become a vital piece of your go-to-market strategy. 

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Jioanna Polychroniou

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation - Enterprise Accounts, Demandbase

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