Maximize Sales Efficiency with Demandbase and Gong’s Powerful Integration

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June 26, 2024

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image of Demandbase and Gong’s Powerful Integration

Maximize Sales Efficiency with Demandbase and Gong’s Powerful Integration

As a sales leader, you manage a team whose job is clear: identify potential customers, engage with them, and close sales to meet revenue targets. 

Yet, according to Salesforce, a whopping 72% of a sales rep’s time is spent on non-selling tasks like lead prioritization, research, and admin work. 

Additionally, 66% of sales reps say they’re overwhelmed by the number of tools they use daily (an average of 10+).

There’s a better way. Demandbase’s new partnership with Gong aims to cut down these non-sales activities, ensuring your team operates efficiently on a single platform.


image of Demandbase and Gong’s Powerful Integration


Gong is the leading revenue intelligence platform that uses AI to analyze sales interactions, providing insights to improve sales performance.

Gong boasts over 4,000 customers, including Demandbase, and is known for its powerful partnerships and integrations. As of today, Demandbase has joined that elite group.

If you are a Demandbase and a Gong customer, this article is for you.

Why Demandbase + Gong makes sense for you

If your company has salespeople that juggle deals across multiple tools, trying to piece together insights from disparate systems so they can easily take action, and reach and close B2B buyers … this integration is for you.


image of Demandbase and Gong’s Powerful Integration


Starting today, Demandbase One™ and Gong users can act on shared data integrated into the places where they work. 

Side note: HubSpot’s State of Partner Ops and Programs states, “Integration is the most important factor for buyers purchasing partner technology. 74.2% of buyers report that a system’s ability to integrate is either a very or extremely important consideration.”

And this is just the beginning.

Phase 1 of this new partnership allows sellers to:

  • Effortlessly add contacts to their Gong Engage flow. This means B2B buyers will get the most relevant message, based on intent and insights from Demandbase.
  • Create an automation within Demandbase Orchestration using dynamic contact lists built in Demandbase that leverage specific criteria – intent, firmographics, engagement activity, and journey stages.

Contact lists built in Demandbase using intent and engagement data can be synced to Gong Engage flows for seamless sales efficiency.


image of Demandbase and Gong’s Powerful Integration


As the integration grows and evolves, sellers will access Demandbase One™ for sales insights like intent, website activity, and overall engagement specific to their target accounts and contacts from within Gong.

Demandbase and Gong customers will benefit from shared data integrated into the places where our customers work.

The net outcome is:

The future is now


It’s time for sellers to focus on what they do best: selling.

Integrating the powerful capabilities of Gong’s revenue intelligence platform with the comprehensive insights from Demandbase One™ means a more simplified sales process—one that maximizes selling time—without the wasted time that results from the “juggling of multiple tools and disparate systems.

The Demandbase-Gong integration means sales reps can now effortlessly manage contacts, automate workflows, and access critical data — all within a unified platform. This optimizes sales efficiency and ensures reps deliver the most relevant messages based on real-time intent and engagement data.

The benefits will only grow as the integration continues to evolve, providing even deeper insights and more seamless user experiences. The result: better sales intelligence, a more intuitive user experience, and stronger alignment between sales and marketing teams.


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