Tips on Selling Marketing Technology in 2021
Sales Prospecting 09.15.2021

Tips on Selling Marketing Technology in 2021

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Frannie Danzinger shares actionable insights on selling in Martech:

  • The past, present, and future of selling in Martech
  • The impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on B2B sales
  • How to effectively sell in Martech in 2021 and beyond?

About the Guest

Frannie Danzinger is currently VP of Sales, Strategic Accounts for Integrate, a pioneer in precision demand marketing. Frannie works with hundreds of B2B marketing organizations to develop and scale their revenue-generating machines. Her passion is to fully understand a marketer’s business and help to build a sound strategy, followed by process, technology, and data, to bring the strategy to life.

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“I’ve invested a lot of time thinking, over the past 18 months, of what the world looked like in the past, the things that I did and did really well, and how can I rechannel that energy to be just as effective in this virtual, very digitized world.”

Highlights from the interview

What was selling in Martech like in the past? 

In the past, or before covid-19, it was an intimate world where we craved being at events in person, networking, having conversations, presenting, and sharing ideas. That was a big part of what fueled sales and built relationships in Martech.

How is selling in Martech like today, in 2021?

It’s really fun, challenging, and nimble! Events are few and far between, so what’s key is building relationships and adding value to their lives. That’s a lot more challenging in a world where video calling is the best method we have to communicate.

What does the future of selling in Martech look like? 

Most people in B2B are anxious and excited to get out and have conversations throughout the rest of 2021. Not everyone is as excited as I am, and there’s a lot of uneasiness, so I need to find that balance and meet people where they’re at. You need to have thoughtfulness going into engagements. Further, in the future, the world will be ready to get back to the new normal, but we’ll never forget the hardships we went through as a result of the pandemic.


  • Mark Dye – Chief Strategy Officer at Bombora
  • Kristy Murphy – Senior Marketing Manager – Demand Generation at Verizon Wireless
  • Scott Vaughan – Former Chief Growth Officer at Integrate Inc.
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