The Impact of Custom Data Sets on Revenue Growth
B2B Data 12.08.2022

The Impact of Custom Data Sets on Revenue Growth

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In this episode, Ray discusses Demandbase Data Labs, which specializes in data sets, and how they have built data sets that inform users when a contract is up for renewal and how customers can sell into businesses that manage fleets of vehicles. Fleet insight is a data set that allows customers to identify the size of businesses with fleets, the function of fleets within those businesses, and what technologies are being deployed. By understanding these details, customers can target potential business prospects or customers.

About the Guest

Ray Renteria is a veteran of the data industry born of the Austin startup scene. In the last 25 years, Ray has crafted data solutions for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 behemoths using a wide variety of data sources and integrated them into the business data machinery used to support Sales, Marketing, and Strategic initiatives. Still a data entrepreneur, today he plays a leading role in the Demandbase Data Labs program that brings “surgically precise” targeting solutions to Demandbase’s customers.

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Key Takeaways

  • Demandbase Data Labs helps customers by solving their business problems using novel data sets that may not be available out of the box.
  • Fleet Insight is a data set that provides information about the types of fleets businesses might have, the number of vehicles in each fleet, and the drivers involved.
  • Fleet insights can be used to identify businesses that are growing, hiring, or adopting new technologies quickly.


“Obviously, we are in sales. The goal is to close business, but in order to build long-standing relationships that will grow and grow as time goes on, and as the economic downturn goes and turns back up, again, we’re planting those seeds with these customers and focusing on that value… That is why you should work with us, not simply because we have the lowest price or because we’re willing to get in there and negotiate.” – Ray Renteria

Highlights from the Episode

Can you tell us about Demandbase Data Labs?

The Demandbase Data Labs team is responsible for creating bespoke solutions for customers who need something beyond what Demandbase offers out of the box. These solutions are then standardized and promoted to products if multiple customers need them.

What are these novel datasets Data Labs is working on has worked on that are not available out of the box?

These include a dataset that tells users when a contract is up for renewal and a dataset that provides insights into fleets of vehicles – the types of fleets, how many of each are needed, etc. These datasets are designed to help customers target specific businesses more effectively.

What intelligence would customers get as part of this fleet insight?

Essentially, the customer could get information on any company with a fleet, including data on the size of the fleet, the technologies used, and the projects related to fleet management. This would allow the customer to more accurately target their marketing efforts and better understand the full scope of the market.

What are some use cases of the customers you’re working with or prospects you’re talking with utilizing this lead data for?

The use cases are broad, and some examples are fleet management, warehouse automation, vehicle maintenance, environmental services, and skills replacement.

What does the future look like for this kind of novel dataset, such as fleet insights?

The future for this kind of novel dataset is to provide more precision in targeting with other attributes about growth capabilities, hiring patterns, etc., of organizations.


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