Creating Great Customer Experiences
B2B Data 05.12.2022

Creating Great Customer Experiences

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How do we ensure an amazing customer experience in this day and age? In today’s episode, Robbie highlights the significance of using technology to personalize and optimize the systems for better delivery of customer expectations. Listen in as they discuss the tools and strategies.

About the Guest

Robbie is Movable Ink’s Associate Director, Strategy (Financial Services), supporting Financial Service clients to leverage Movable Ink technology to reach their business objectives. Prior to joining Movable Ink, he spent 8 years at American Express driving customer lifecycle strategies for the small business, consumer, and foreign exchange business units with a focus on increasing share of wallet, driving the best customer behavior, and optimizing production efficiency. His ten years of customer marketing experience include omnichannel experiences across email, mobile, direct mail, web, and social media.

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Key Takeaways

  • Robbie discusses customer experiences and his experience in driving customer lifecycle strategies, optimizing production efficiency, and most importantly, increasing share of wallet.
  • Personalization and customer experiences can help businesses grow and succeed.
  • Consider the customers’ needs as you manage change effectively when implementing initiatives.
  • Financial marketers must strive to provide the same high-quality products and services to their customers, despite the challenges.
  • Justify your business decisions by communicating with your compliance, legal, and risk team members early on in the process so that they feel comfortable with your intentions.
  • A good partner is someone who is market ready to buy, has the skill set to be successful in the financial services industry, and is willing to help you get your project bought.
  • Grab the opportunity to personalize the customer experience using AI. Personalization will lead to increased engagement and ultimately more sales.


“Have you ever gotten an email that spelled your name wrong? [It’s] the worst… It’s very frustrating. So get that personalization right.“ Robbie Freeman


Highlights from the Episode


Can you share your background in FinServ?

Robbie started out in FX payments, which was a really interesting space and international role supporting their growing teams. He then shifted to consumer credit cards and got a sense of what it is to offer core products to large companies. After that, he went over to working with small businesses with more of the b2b space. He also had experience working in insurance, working in banking, crypto, and buy-now-pay-later, whatever the new hotness is, he is learning about it.

What are the challenges in the financial services industry?

Learning different platforms invites strategic luck in the challenging world of financial services. Taking initiatives requires time and a large amount of effort, however, all this boils down to enhancing the customer experience. There are more challenges in legal compliance partners, but from the customer perspective, the goal is to achieve the same expectations from the same quality of information, the quality of data that they are going to get.

How do we identify good partners and decision-makers?

We need partners who can see the bigger vision but also can get their feet on the ground and get into details. To sustain this relationship, over-communication is key. You want to make the team and related key persons feel part of the process and keeping them updated is not an afterthought. Realize that everyone else has their priorities and that you want to loop them in. 

What is the key to creating a better customer experience?

What makes a solid customer experience and FinServ is having them personalized, timely, and secure. People react better when it’s a one-to-one conversation. Take advantage of the current technology and utilize personalized data. The goal is to have the ability to identify and deliver the right experience to the right customer at the right time with the right message based on everything you know about them.

Is there any book, podcast, video, or other resources that you’d like to recommend?


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Scott Galloway – CNN+ Host at CNN

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