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Build an Account-Based Foundation to Unlock Insight and Action Across Your Stack

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Create an account view that gives you insight into engagement, intent and your buyers’ journey.

You can’t be account-based when your systems aren’t. Traditional marketing and sales technologies are lead-based and critical data is often spread across disparate systems making it impossible to connect the dots and understand how your target accounts are engaging on and off your website. That’s why it’s critical for an account-based platform to help align sales and marketing around a common dataset and a shared view of intent and engagement.

Demandbase’s embedded account data platform supports modern B2B organizations making the transition to best-in-class by unlocking data and insights across departments and precisely targeting audiences based on predictive analytics, persona, CRM data, behavioral history, intent, journey stage, technographics, and more.

Account Data Platform

Combine siloed marketing and sales data with proprietary 3rd party data to create a single view of accounts and key personas.

  • Connect lead-based systems (CRM, marketing automation, corporate email, website etc.) to create a single source of accurate account data.
  • Identify and enrich accounts with firmographic, technographic, and intent data.
  • Augment your CRM by logging tasks and creating contacts automatically based on emails and meetings.

Account Data Platform

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Lead to Account Matching

Get the industry’s most complete solution to match leads to accounts (L2A).

  • Use fuzzy logic to match on email, company name, and custom field with customizable tiebreakers to handle multiple accounts and respect parent-child hierarchy.
  • Route leads quickly and accurately based on account ownership statuses.
  • Augment lead records with relevant account data like industry.

Lead to Account Matching

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Identify target accounts when they visit your website or consume content offsite.

  • Accurately identify web traffic regardless if they’re working from home or the office.
  • Get better match rates and more accuracy through a combination of Demandbase’s 1st party, 3rd party, and proprietary machine learning.
  • Recognize when target accounts visit your site or view an ad and serve them the right message.


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Segmentation and Audience Management

Use Selectors to precisely segment accounts and define target audiences for personalized campaigns.

  • Take advantage of powerful cross-object filters to create segments that are simply not possible in other platforms.
  • Create precise audiences using AI-powered account selection plus custom CRM data, opportunities, buyer persona, journey stage, behavior, intent, recent sales activity, and more.
  • Push audiences to third-party platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, marketing automation) to orchestrate across channels (Orchestration required).

Segmentation and Audience Management

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Engagement Minutes

Deliver transparent insights on account engagement and progression.

  • Track how buyers interact with your company using a flexible minutes-based model.
  • Assign minutes for all activities and create custom categories to identify expansion opportunities.
  • Customize your model based on your unique business needs, unlike typical predictive, black-box scoring models.

Engagement Minutes

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