Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Based on Your Marketing Speciality

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November 18, 2021

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Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Based on Your Marketing Speciality

Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Based on Your Marketing Speciality

For those who celebrate in North America, It’s almost Turkey time! Whether you’re looking forward to warm and fluffy mashed potatoes, creamy mac n’ cheese or the main star – a juicy, buttery, and very tasty turkey – everyone has their favorite.

So you’re probably wondering, what does my favorite thanksgiving food possibly have to do with my Marketing specialty? As the saying goes, we are what we eat, so we’ve rounded up the top must-have dishes you’ll most likely find at most Thanksgiving celebrations across the country, and we’re here to share the insights with you.

Turkey – Market Researcher

Market researchers collect and study information about customers, sales trends, products, and services to develop future Marketing plans. They’re an integral part of any Marketing team, much like Turkey is an integral part of any Thanksgiving feast.

Stuffing – Email Marketer

Email Marketers have to come up with creative content to infiltrate an inbox and leave an impact. To do this they need to be hardworking and dedicated and able to stand out from the crowd. Stuffing is a Thanksgiving staple and has the ability to stand out on its own, even in a flurry of flavors.

Mashed Potatoes – Marketing Intern

Marketing interns tend to be excited and eager to learn. This means they’re willing to do anything to help, and support their team. Much like how mashed potatoes are a strong supporting role of any Thanksgiving dinner.

Green Bean Casserole – Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are not scared of a challenge and relish learning new things, given that evolving technology means there are always new things to learn and hurdles to overcome. The topic of Green Bean Casserole preference is typically a head-scratcher, but any digital marketer would love the challenge of defending this choice.

Mac n’ Cheese – SEO/SEM Specialist

An SEO/SEM specialist is highly sought after, as they increase the visibility of your company on sites like Google. They’re thoughtful, organized, and passionate. When it comes to baking Mac n’ Cheese for Thanksgiving, it requires thought and organization. And much like SEOs/SEMs, this warm and welcoming comfort food is one of the most sought after foods on this day.

Gravy – Content Marketer

Content marketers are responsible for planning original content that is informative and clever to engage audiences. This requires versatility as content needs to be innovative and fresh to attract potential prospects and returning customers. Gravy is probably the most versatile of the goodies at your table. While it’s not a food per se, it elevates any food it touches, just like content marketers elevate the brand.

Cranberry Sauce – Social Media Marketer 

Social media Marketers need to be able to adapt since the social calendar could change at a moment’s notice while making sure to project a sweet persona as the direct voice of the brand. And just because they tend to be found in the younger generation doesn’t shrink their knowledge or importance! In the flurry of flavors, cranberry sauce is a staple and the perfect addition to almost any dish in this meal, making this sweet treat very versatile.

Pumpkin Pie – Inbound Marketer 

When it comes to being an inbound Marketer, you have to be open-minded, while also being able to lead prospective customers in with friendly tactics. Pumpkin pie is probably one of the first things you think about when you think of Thanksgiving, love it or hate it. There’s something so inviting about the thought of a warm slice of pie with its delicious scent of the seasonal fruit on the perfect fall day.

Did your marketing specialty link up with your favorite Thanksgiving food? If it didn’t, do you think this will make you re-evaluate your favorite Thanksgiving dish? We hope you enjoyed the blog and that it got your mouth watering for all the delicious foods coming your way (don’t forget to wear your stretchiest pants!). We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving and a mindful Native American Heritage Day.

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