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Spring into Smarter GTM™ for Enterprises: Daily Demandbase Use Cases Guaranteed to Make Your Pipeline Flourish

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April 14, 2022

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Spring into Smarter GTM™ for Enterprises: Daily Demandbase Use Cases Guaranteed to Make Your Pipeline Flourish

Spring into Smarter GTM™ for Enterprises: Daily Demandbase Use Cases Guaranteed to Make Your Pipeline Flourish

Companies of all sizes will likely have areas or departments that handle marketing, sales, customer service or success, etc. But as the employee count increases and crosses the 10,000 headcount, the lines between the departments get more pronounced and challenges around siloes tend to grow in parallel.

SiloENT cries

For large enterprises, there’s typically an overrich tech stack where each department has their own tool and the siloed data and processes ultimately affect one key benchmark: the customer experience. From the outside, customers should only see one journey that is representative of your brand and ideally would be a perfectly choreographed experience of broadway proportions. But, peel back the go-to-market curtain and all of us with backstage passes know the scene too well –– disjointed teams, discrepant metrics, and process bottlenecks, among a slew of other issues you might add to this list from personal experience.

With the spirit of the spring season on our minds, we’re here to challenge the status quo for enterprises in the B2B space who dream of a better way to do things, but simply haven’t found it. There is, and your employees, stakeholders, and (most importantly) customers will be better off for it.

Spring cleaning time

The first step towards making a significant improvement at the enterprise level is to find the main culprits in the disconnects throughout your business.

  • Maybe your marketing department is leveraging a solution you’ve had for years and was supposed to grow with you, but didn’t.
  • Maybe your sales team is using old tactics, splitting territories or tiering accounts without insights, letting prospects slip through the cracks because of bad data on them, and going into sales meetings with account blindness.
  • Maybe your customer success team doesn’t have the visibility into the obvious cross-sell or upsell opportunities, leaving value out for your customers, and revenue for your company on the table.
  • Maybe your operations team hasn’t been able to pinpoint a pipeline acceleration opportunity since the spring of 2020, when we entered the new normal.

Maybe it’s all of the above. And it’s definitely time to leave this modus operandi in the past.

When you live and breathe all things pipeline like we do, the word gets thrown around so much that it’s easy to lose sight of just how much meaning it holds. It’s literally a window into the future of your business, and it should be nurtured as such. It’s time to look at things through a different prism. Welcome to your prismatic pipeline view.

Your future pipeline looks brighter through prism-colored glasses

Imagine a gigantic funnel, full of multi-colored logos of all shapes and deal sizes. Brand colors dropping through like gumballs in one of those machines from the nineties. More logos fill the top of the pipeline every second, being carried in like clockwork on a conveyor belt.

This conveyor belt is the go-to-market organization. Each turn with a new perspective, a new ray of light shining on another part of the go-to-market team. Endless colors seen through a prism that represent digital marketing, demand marketing, SDRs, Account Executives, revenue operations, and those team names unique to your business. Each color is unique on its own, but when you arrange them just right, you get a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts –– and we think that’s pretty magical.

This metaphor of a perfect hand-off between teams is not only possible, but already in use by enterprises like yours. And it’s all thanks to solutions like Demandbase One.

Enter Demandbase: A single source of light (and truth)

Over the past decade, Demandbase has evolved from being a leading account-based marketing platform to a complete Smarter Go-To-Market™ suite, powered by Account Intelligence. Four distinct ways to activate and deploy your go-to-market strategy, built for the entire revenue team to orchestrate –– and automate –– seamless B2B buyer journeys regardless of the complexity of your back end (conveyor belt).

With Demandbase One, your team is empowered to work together cohesively, creating ripples of impact on your bottom line.

Enterprises can leverage our best-in-class Account Intelligence by activating any of our four cloud solutions:

You can begin wherever you are, with any one of our cloud solutions that best serve your team’s specific business use cases. Out of the box configurations get you moving fast from day one.

Beam me up, DeeBee

In this upcoming blog series, we’ll spotlight each team in the prism and share distinct and effective use cases on how Demandbase can help your organization refresh a dry pipeline and reach its maximum, colorful potential. Here’s what you can expect:

Part 1 – For Sales Teams

Making it Rain Revenue at the Enterprise Level

5 Fresh Ways Sales Teams Use Demandbase for a Daily Edge

Part 2 – For Marketing Teams

Build Your Brand to Bloom 

5 Ways Enterprise Marketing Teams Plant Smarter Selling Seeds with Demandbase

Part 3 – For Customer Success Teams

Springtime Glow-up for Enterprises

Demandbase Daily Use Cases to Get Glowing Reviews – And Rosy New Revenue – From Your Customers

Part 4 – For Operations Teams

Cloudy with a Chance of Prospects

6 Ways Enterprise Revenue Operations Teams Use Demandbase for Reliable Forecasting


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