How to Drive 6x Pipeline Growth?
Account Intelligence 04.13.2022

How to Drive 6x Pipeline Growth?

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In today’s episode, Karl talks about Gigamon’s goal of simplifying and securing your cloud infrastructure. He covers the challenges that cloud visibility is facing and how their solutions can address them all. Gigamon offers the “industry’s first visibility and analytics fabric” that paints an understandable and consistent image of your hybrid multi-cloud network. 

About the Guest

Karl Van den Bergh is Chief Marketing Officer of Gigamon and is responsible for global awareness and demand for the Gigamon solution portfolio. Throughout his 20+ plus-year career, Karl has held go-to-market and product leadership roles in $1B+ tech companies as well as working as part of the executive team at early-stage startups.

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What you’ll learn in this episode

The Future of Deep Observability

  • What Karl and his team found out when they research the market
  • The two focuses of Gigamon for their services right now
  • Is digital fatigue a myth?
    • Karl gives his take

Account-based Marketing in the B2B Industry

  • Modes of communication among clients have shifted from interpersonal to digital
    • How it could be a generational preference
  • How an account-based marketing strategy can grow a business-to-business company
  • Education and entertainment are the magic to make your message resonate


“Make the customer feel that you understand where they are in their journey, what problems they’re trying to solve, and you’re there to help. ” – Karl Van den Bergh

“What we’ve found is if you really put in the time to have quality content…you will have a much bigger impact.” – Karl Van den Bergh

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