Looking for the Right ABM Platform?

The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Account-based Marketing Platform

Scouting for a suitable platform for your ABM strategy? This guide outlines what to look for, including:

  • 5 ABM processes known as Build, Find, Engage, Close and Measure
  • Questions to consider under each step to ensure you’re thinking about the full ABM experience
  • Other factors to consider beyond platform features

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When choosing a platform, use this vendor agnostic evaluation and receive important factors to consider.

With comprehensive and point solutions alike purporting to provide account-based marketing, it’s tough to know what questions to ask to find the right solution for your organization.

Learn to frame up the following questions to ask your potential platform vendors:

  • Can their platform easily use your audiences to execute via other channels like email campaigns, direct mail, advertising or website personalization?
  • Does the platform clean, unify, and visualize your CRM data with reliable, up-to-date data management?
  • Does the vendor’s platform have multiple models to predict opportunities for multiple product lines or business units?
  • Is the platform capable of running campaigns that target key accounts, buying committees within those accounts, and optimizing bids based on their intent?

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The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Account-based Marketing Platform