The API Buyer’s Checklist

Use this Checklist to Build Your Own APIs

b2b data provider for sales and marketing

Ask any data analyst and they will tell you: APIs can be the source of frustration or the glowing light that shines from your applications.

Choose wisely. If you are looking for an API provider, use this checklist to consider the characteristics that matter most for building smarter applications.

You could use this checklist to build your own APIs and manage their maintenance, security, and customer support overhead. But why would you when there’s Demandbase? We have a diverse menu of APIs to make your software development easier — so you can go to market faster.

The types of Demandbase APIs

  • Data and Enrich APIs: Up to 80+ fields of company and contact information (e.g., firmographics, full contact profiles, family trees, and technology profiles)
  • Insights APIs: News articles for target companies within a range of business triggers
  • Subscription APIs: Alerts when company and contact information related to your accounts has changed
  • Target APIs: Leads that match your ideal customer profile
  • Company Matcher API: Best matched companies via a search query submission
  • Company Autocomplete API: Allows auto-complete of company names in queries and the return of popular contacts within the searched company


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