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Lacework Grows Pipeline with Smarter Always-On Campaigns

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Demandbase One: ABX with Orchestration & Advertising

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Pipeline soared

85% lifted accounts

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The Head Scratcher

Lacework, a cloud security platform that protects their customers from cyber attacks, wanted to stand up an account-based marketing program. With a very targeted ideal customer profile (ICP), it was a fitting path forward.

The company hired Mandy Hanson, Director, Global Account-Based Marketing, to build the ABM program from the ground up and create impactful campaigns for Lacework’s top strategic accounts. To do this, she immediately replaced their existing ABM platform with Demandbase, as she had done previously multiple times.

"I wouldn’t want to do ABM without Demandbase. It’s the backbone of all of my programs."
Mandy Hanson
Mandy Hanson Director, Global Account Based Marketing

Why Demandbase?

Mandy prefers Demandbase over the alternatives for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • Better user experience and interface.
  • Great engagement insights and intent data.
  • Integrations with the tech she uses, especially the ability to pull data from Salesforce to create dynamic lists and do journey-stage targeting, and then orchestrate campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Top notch ad targeting, including the new person-based targeting, which she calls “a game changer.”
  • Having everything she needs in one platform, including capabilities she has yet to tap into, like website personalization and data enrichment.
  • ROI! She never saw ROI from the other vendor, but sees “lots of ROI” with Demandbase.
"For me, Demandbase has always been my staple ABM platform, I've seen the ROI and I truly believe in the data and the intent. In my hiring interview with Lacework, I asked, ‘Are you open to replacing the account based marketing technology? Because this (the existing tech) isn't going to work for me. Demandbase is always that one tool I have to have."
Mandy Hanson
Mandy Hanson Director, Global Account Based Marketing

How’d They Do?

With their new ABM program in place, centered around Demandbase, Lacework is seeing results like these:

  • Achieved 85% lift on targeted 1:1 accounts 
    When Mandy stepped in, she began meeting with sales to learn as much as she could about each of their top accounts. Then she built and launched highly tailored, 1:1 ad campaigns, calling out the accounts’ names in the ads. The results were spectacular. Eighty-five percent of the accounts increased their engagement with Lacework — what we refer to as “lift.”
  • Drives pipeline in new industry and persona-based segments
    Mandy also runs focused vertical and persona-specific campaigns and, in one particular one targeted at the gaming industry, pipeline soared!
  • Save time with Orchestration
    With so many of her campaigns targeted at single accounts, you can imagine the number of campaigns Mandy has running at any time. She saves countless hours being able to orchestrate all of them across channels, from a single platform, in true maestro style.
  • Ward off competition and secure renewals
    Among the many things Laceworks uses intent data for, one of them is to fend off the competition and prevent customer churn. When they see a customer researching a competitor, they know they need to double down to make sure the customer’s needs are being met.
  • Took the guesswork out of budgeting
    Mandy describes Demandbase ad targeting as intuitive and loves being able to see exactly what she’s going to get for her ad dollars when she sets up a campaign. She loads in the budget, timeline, creative, and geography, and the platform tells her how much of her audience it can serve. “I’m able to see the ‘reach’ and know how much I’m going to spend,” smiles Mandy, “It takes the guesswork out of budgeting. With the displaced system, I would put in the parameters and hope I’d be able to spend the budget to reach the right targets.”

Without Demandbase?

When asked what would happen if she didn’t have Demandbase, Mandy didn’t hold back. “Gosh, I can’t imagine a world where I didn’t use Demandbase. But OK, I will, and it’s a sad one.” She went on to describe the many gains they’d lose, and added, “I’m not sure if ABM would make sense, because it would be so difficult without Demandbase. I don’t think my programs would be successful. Actually, I know they wouldn’t be.”

About Lacework

Lacework offers the data-driven security platform for the cloud and is the leading cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) solution. Only Lacework can collect, analyze, and accurately correlate data — without requiring manually written rules — across an organization’s cloud and Kubernetes environments, and narrow it down to the handful of security events that matter. Security and DevOps teams around the world trust Lacework to secure cloud-native applications across the full lifecycle from code to cloud. Get started at

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