Demandbase Releases New Research into Account-Based Success in Europe

Study Reveals Important Findings About Account-Based Marketing and Sales Strategies and Mindsets In Europe

April 21, 2022 – Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, today announces the results of its study into account-based marketing and sales in Europe. On the heels of its own international growth, the organization wanted to better understand the geographical and cultural similarities and differences in how teams approach account-based strategies globally. To that end, they surveyed and interviewed senior marketers based in the UK, Germany and Benelux on topics like account-based marketing maturity, common challenges, and preferred strategies from leading practitioners.

“We’ve been growing rapidly across Europe and other regions, so our customer base has naturally become a lot more diverse as well,” says Paul Gibson, EMEA Vice President for Demandbase. “Our goal with this study was to discover what unites and divides us on these issues in different parts of the world and, more importantly, to unlock further secrets to account-based success. We learned a lot through this research, like how many of the leading B2B companies are facing the same issues no matter where they’re based. With this new intel, we can continue to advance the industry and better serve B2B leaders everywhere.”

Specifically, the report covers:

  • Guidance for account-based success, as told by sales and marketing leaders from world-renowned B2B companies.
  • A review of the maturity of account-based strategies across different European markets.
  • Insight into how European marketing and sales teams have overcome their pain points through effective account-based marketing (ABM) evolution.
  • An overview of how leading companies have worked to overcome go-to-market (GTM) fragmentation through working smarter, not harder.

One of the most insightful findings was that B2B leaders cited the common challenge of fragmentation caused by data silos, disconnected systems, channels, processes and teams. As such, they struggle to see accounts clearly and engage them effectively. This emphasizes the need for B2B organizations around the world to change their approach and prioritize account intelligence, which brings together buying signals from an account, enriches it with reliable third-party data, and makes sense of it with AI. From this, B2B marketers and salespeople can see opportunities earlier, progress deals faster, and drive growth further. This is what Demandbase calls Smarter GTM™.

Download the full report here, or watch the on-demand webinar in which Demandbase experts weigh in on the findings of this report, and give recommendations based on the evidence.

Demandbase announces the results of its study into account-based marketing and sales in Europe. Learn more: 

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