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The Challenge

Attract, engage and convert target accounts
Iron Mountain, a leading provider of storage and information management services, helps organizations lower storage costs, comply with regulations, recover from disaster and better use their information for business advantage. As a B2B company, Iron Mountain faced three main challenges with its digital marketing.

  • Reach target accounts effectively with display advertising and push them to its website
  • Identify target accounts on its website and engage them with relevant content
  • Increase conversion rates

The Solution

Account-based marketing with the Demandbase platform and Demandbase Premium Analytics

“We use Demandbase with different tools to build a winning combination … that’s one of the reasons we’ve seen such tremendous growth in our web conversion rates and lead acquisition efforts.” – Tom Berger, Director of Internet Marketing, Iron Mountain

To determine its targeting and personalization strategy, Iron Mountain implemented the Demandbase platform with partner solutions in a phased approach. The Demandbase solution included:

Display advertising to drive target accounts to its website. To reach targeted accounts not visiting its website, Iron Mountain added Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising. “This allowed us to put specific messages in front of just the companies we’re interested in,” explains Tom Berger, director of internet marketing for Iron Mountain. “Then we can bring them to our website and engage them.”

Targeted content for increased engagement. Iron Mountain implemented A/B testing with Demandbase Content and Optimizely to measure engagement with targeted content for companies in specific verticals that also met its size and location criteria. “Optimizely shows the power and the results of Demandbase,” says Berger.

Shorter web forms for increased conversion and quality data. With Demandbase Forms, Iron Mountain captured much more data even though it reduced the number of form fields from 16 to 12. “All of the available data on a company is collected and passed back using Demandbase Forms into Eloqua and ultimately to Salesforce,” says Berger. “It’s amazing what it will do.”

iron-mountain-websiteGreater visibility into target account engagement with web analytics. Iron Mountain fine-tuned its targeting and personalization strategy by integrating Demandbase Analytics with Google Analytics. This integration provided greater visibility into how different industries and companies of varying sizes interacted with its content. It also identified which target accounts were visiting the Iron Mountain website and how the conversion rates of small to medium-size businesses differed from those of enterprise companies. “Looking at Demandbase Analytics, we can make better content decisions to support content marketing efforts,” observes Berger.

Increased insight with Demandbase Premium Analytics. Iron Mountain also worked with the Demandbase Premium Analytics team to extract the right data from its content management system and put it into Google Analytics. With dash- boards developed by Demandbase Premium Analytics, Iron Mountain can provide metrics to the inbound team so it can see what content is attracting people to the website, how it’s engaging visitors and which content most influences conversions. “It’s nice to work with a team that understands Google Analytics very well and has the insight and background on all the value that Demandbase provides with their integration,” comments Berger. “That’s really where the power is.”

“We use Demandbase with different tools to build a winning combination,” notes Berger. “And that’s one of the reasons we’ve seen such tremendous growth in our web conversion rates and lead acquisition efforts.”

The Results

Increased engagement, conversions and display advertising lift
Demandbase delivered outstanding results for Iron Mountain. “Our first test with Demandbase, which targeted healthcare, showed a 120% lift in engagement,” Berger exclaims. “If you display the right message to the right person at the right time good things happen.” In addition, finance and banking showed an engagement lift of 115%. Other results included:

  • 219% increase in conversions while capturing more and richer data
  • 78% lift in page views and a 36% lift in company engagement with Company-Targeted Advertising.

“Over the past year with Demandbase, our web lead volume has more than doubled” concludes Berger. “Everyone in sales and marketing knows Demandbase. Now they want to know how can we do more.”


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