DocuSign Drives Customer Engagement and Increases Sales Pipeline 22%



increase in sales pipeline


increase in page views


increase in click-through rate

The Challenge

Create a Personalized Digital Experience for Targeted Buyer Segments
DocuSign® is the leader in eSignature transaction management. Like many B2B companies, DocuSign saw potential enterprise buyers visiting its site and bouncing before they accessed the most relevant content.

DocuSign needed the ability to attract the right audience and serve visitors the content that engages them in a meaningful way. It wanted to:

  • Drive more traffic from the accounts most likely to buy
  • Increase click-through rates to high-value, form-gated content
  • Boost conversion percentage of those reaching forms without sacrificing important information

The Solution

Attract the Right Accounts and Tailor their Experience through the Entire Engagement Cycle
To help execute its target account marketing programs, DocuSign implemented the Demandbase targeting and personalization platform. It was able to launch company-specific digital campaigns for six industries, attracting target accounts to the website, engaging them with relevant content, and converting them to sales prospects. The Demandbase solutions included:

  • Targeting the right accounts with first-touch display advertising. With the Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising solution, DocuSign executed a display ad campaign to 450+ enterprise accounts, personalizing messages to companies in certain buying stages.
  • Serving personalized onsite content. DocuSign integrated the Demandbase Content Targeting module into its web platform to deliver industry-specific messages to six target industries with a dynamic, custom homepage experience that includes industry-specific images, testimonials, and peer logos.
  • Shortening the free-trial form, increasing conversions. With Demandbase Forms, DocuSign was able to capture detailed company info about visitors, while asking fewer questions on its web forms. Integrated into Eloqua, the Demandbase information helped sort accounts automatically into the appropriate trial.
  • Leveraging web analytics to gain detailed visibility and fine-tune content offerings. Using Demandbase for Google Analytics, DocuSign gained insight into the effectiveness and performance of its display advertising and website personalization—enabling the DocuSign team to fine-tune website messages and offers.


The Results

Putting the Right Message in front of the Right Company at the Right Time
DocuSign saw immediate results with the Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising and Website Optimization solutions. Its team was able to focus on attracting and engaging the companies most likely to convert into revenue. Through targeting segments, DocuSign created personalized, engaging experiences and relationships with its prospects. With its Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising campaign, DocuSign:

  • Targeted 450+ companies with over 1M impressions delivered
  • Attracted 59% of all companies targeted to its website
  • Generated relevant interest with 13 average page views per company

Using Demandbase to shorten forms and create a highly personalized website experience, it also:

  • Grew the sales pipeline by 22% for its top six industries
  • Increased average time on site by more than eight minutes
  • Boosted page views by over 300%
  • Decreased the bounce rate from an average of 35.29% to only 13.5%
  • Tripled the click-through rate on with industry-relevant calls-to-action

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