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The Value of Managed Services

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February 2, 2023

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Managed Services Blog Feature

The Value of Managed Services

In this edition of our Professional Services Blog, I had the pleasure to speak with Melissa Cornett, Director of Strategy and Managed Services about Demandbase Managed Services.  Melissa has deep client experience combined with a strong marketing background allowing her to lead her team in helping clients achieve their business outcomes.

What are managed services at DemandBase?

Managed services are a type of service we provide in the Professional Services Group that provide staffing augmentation in order to accelerate the adoption of the Demandbase platform .  If you don’t have the expertise on your team to manage things in the platform or you need an extra set of hands for a period of time, our managed services consultants can actually go in and make adjustments for you with you.

What is the typical use case for Managed Services? 

There are so many use cases! Managed services is a fluid offering and the use case really depends on your needs. Many of our customers come to us because they don’t have the expertise in-house or they want to expedite the process. They tend to see accelerated time to value and platform outcomes from our services.

Recently, we have seen many clients who are using us as staff augmentation.  Due to the economy, our team can help fill a temporary staffing void to ensure that your program doesn’t miss a beat.

How can Managed Services help my business?

Many of our clients use our services to focus on configuring the platform to ensure optimal performance of their ABM Programs.  Our consultants can teach you as they go or we can teach your team after we’ve done the work.  We let you be the guide.  

Our main goal is to make things easy for our clients and accelerate adoption of the platform to enable ABM success.

What should I expect from a Managed Services contract?

We are a partner for working inside the Demandbase One product!  You will meet with your consultant and they will discuss what you are trying to accomplish.  From there, they will dive right in and execute for you.

What clients tend to benefit most from Managed Services?

A variety of clients see benefits from our Managed Services.  In the Enterprise space, clients typically work with us because they want another set of hands to propel a project forward.  In the mid-Market, it’s more affordable to work with us as an extension of their team to realize their ABM goals.  Whatever the case may be, we become a part of your team!

What are the backgrounds of your Managed Services Consultants?

We have a really well-rounded team with each person bringing their unique brand of expertise, and of course, all of our consultants have achieved Advanced Demandbase certifications, for both the ABX Cloud and the Advertising Cloud.   Our team is growing, and our consultants come from both corporate enterprise and agency backgrounds.  Their skill sets range from digital media, email marketing, advertising and sales enablement.  We have an agile team, and they are accustomed to handling projects from start-ups to mid-market to Fortune 500 enterprise accounts.

How can I get the support of Demandbase Managed Services?

It’s easy to get started with Managed Services. Just talk to your Growth Account Director or Customer Success Manager and they will pull Managed Services to discuss your unique needs, and we will put a plan together for you.

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Kim Tremblay

Sr. Account Based Marketing Strategist, Demandbase

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