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Reflecting on Women’s History Month

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March 31, 2023

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Reflecting on women in sales

Reflecting on Women’s History Month

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month invites us to honor the achievements, sacrifices, and influence of the women who have and continue to shape the world. It truly offers us all an opportunity to reflect and learn.

Often women carry an invisible weight on our shoulders, one where we bear the burden to experience gender bias, discrimination, and microaggressions in the workplace and world.  These experiences are compounded exponentially for many women of color. Facing these unique challenges can be taxing on the mind, body and often isolating. Additionally, women are more likely to experience imposter syndrome, a feeling of inadequacy despite our achievements, which can also impact overall well-being.

To address and navigate some of the challenges it’s important for individuals and organizations to have resources available. This can include advocating for policies that support women’s health and well-being to creating safe spaces like employee resource groups and mentorship programs to discuss and address issues.

As a Black woman and member of Black Impact Group, I have built community and felt seen amongst peers, sharing similar experiences and backgrounds. My experience at Demandbase has been unique: this is the first time in my career where the women at an organization have made it a mission to connect, encourage, and support each other in their development and growth. The support from those within and outside of my department, and it is an honor to be a part of the history and culture of women at Demandbase. I have been fortunate to have mentorship relationships with leaders within the company to help assist in knowledge sharing, be an advisor and developing skills that are essential to my growth. Having the opportunity to have this support from my participation from the ERG and personal mentoring has helped increase my self awareness and development. 

“An ERG is a network of employees who have a shared identity. The goal of these groups is to provide a safe community for their members, as well as opportunities for career development, networking, and education.” 

I am grateful that Demandbase has these opportunities available to employees. It reinforces the company values and provides resources to women navigating their career and self development in a world that does not always see us as equal. 

As we close Women’s History month, I challenge everyone to take a moment and reflect. Honor the women in your life past, present and future.  What have they taught you? What can you learn from them?  Establishing a community can be valuable when navigating challenges as a woman within the workplace and world. Having resources in place can make that process easier. Lean into those around you and remember even as a teacher, you are always the student.

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Briana Glover

Technical Program Manager, Demandbase

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