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Accelerate Your Manufacturing Pipeline with Account Intelligence

September 26, 2022

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Manufacturing with Account Intelligence

Accelerate Your Manufacturing Pipeline with Account Intelligence

Sales journeys are facing increasing complexities as the global economy braces for impending impact. And the manufacturing industry is no different.

From inaccurate and disconnected CRM data to anonymous distributors, multi-tiered distribution, challenges in the supply chain, and the shift to a digital buying journey.

There is a better, smarter way to go to market that can help sales and marketing teams in the manufacturing sector break these barriers by providing critical visibility into upsell and cross-sell opportunities. What is it? Account Intelligence.

What exactly is Account Intelligence?

It’s the amalgamation of a multitude of B2B data (pulled from your first-party data combined with third-party insights) that enables your marketing teams to see opportunities earlier, progress deals faster, and drive growth further. Our Smarter Go-To-Market™ Powered by Account Intelligence eBook has the scoop on the insights Account Intelligence can provide, and how it does it.

And with these insights, you can flip the digital journey to your advantage.

We’ve already seen the impact of modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, VR, and the Internet of Things (IoT) on manufacturing shop floors reduce the cost of production, increase efficiencies, improve the speed of operations, and minimize errors.

Leveraging technology to empower sales and marketing is the next frontier.

Putting Account Intelligence into account-based marketing

Delivering an omnichannel customer experience is a must in today’s competitive selling environment. But how can you harness Account Intelligence and inject it into every step of the buying journey?

Leveraging an account-based strategy isn’t as daunting as you may think.

It starts with collecting all of these digital crumbs distributors are dropping anonymously online –– whether they’re on your website researching additional solutions or browsing competitors. These details are the missing key to unlocking upsell and cross-sell opportunities that you’re unable to spot today.

With the right guidance and proper pacing, any company can breathe new life into their old marketing, sales, and revenue strategies.

You’re the master of your own account-based destiny. But before you spread your wings and take your ABM strategy to new heights, remember that any interaction that’s not guided by data is spam.

Once you shift your view and are ready to prioritize quality over quantity (for both, your marketing initiatives as well as the prospects who are in-market), you can take a paced approach to ABM and watch your pipeline start filling up.

Looking ahead

It’s time for our rolodexes to evolve.

We now have intelligence in the form of a compass pointing us in the direction of anonymous, online distributors dropping clues all over the digital universe about who they are and what they’re interested in.

We can leverage these signals to spot opportunities to grow our relationships, prevent accounts from churning, and discover new distributors to target.

It’s all in our hands.

The question is: Are you ready to conquer the next frontier? Our Smarter Go-To-Market™ For Modern Manufacturing eBook is your map to get started.

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