DB Asked AI: How Does Go-to-Market Sales and Marketing Alignment Compare to Jenga?

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March 28, 2023

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DB Asked AI: How Does Go-to-Market Sales and Marketing Alignment Compare to Jenga?

We asked, ChatGPT answered. Here’s AI’s response!

Why is sales and marketing alignment integral to your go-to-market strategy?

Let’s find out in a game of Jenga!

The whole goal of Jenga is to keep the tower standing as long as possible. This requires: 

  • A steady hand
  • Good strategy
  • A bit of luck

Now, let’s imagine that the Jenga tower represents your go-to-market strategy. Each block is a different part of your sales and marketing alignment, and each move you make represents a decision you make along the way. If you make the wrong move, the tower (or your strategy) could come crashing down.

Let’s take a look at some of the blocks in our Jenga tower and how they relate to go-to-market sales and marketing alignment:

Block 1: Define Your Target Audience

The first block you’ll need to carefully place is defining your target audience. Just like in Jenga, this is the foundation of your strategy, and if it’s not solid, your tower (or your sales) could crumble. Make sure you’ve done your research and know exactly who your ideal customer is.

Block 2: Choose Your Channels

Next, you’ll need to carefully choose the channels you’ll use to reach your target audience. Will you use social media, email marketing, or maybe even direct mail? Just like in Jenga, you need to make sure the block you choose fits snugly and won’t cause the tower to wobble.

Block 3: Create Your Messaging

Now that you know who you’re targeting and how you’ll reach them, it’s time to create your messaging. Just like in Jenga, you need to carefully craft your message so it fits within your overall strategy. Make sure your message is consistent across all channels and resonates with your target audience.

Block 4: Train Your Sales Team

Your sales team is the backbone of your go-to-market strategy, and just like in Jenga, they need to be trained and ready to make the right moves. Make sure your sales team understands your messaging and is equipped with the right tools to close deals.

Block 5: Measure Your Results

Finally, just like in Jenga, you need to measure your results to see how your strategy is performing. Use data and analytics to track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

So, how does all of this relate to Jenga? Well, just like in the game, each move you make in your go-to-market strategy can have a big impact on the overall success of your plan. You need to carefully choose your blocks, make strategic decisions, and be ready to adapt if things start to wobble.

Sales and marketing alignment is critical to your success, and just like in Jenga, it requires a steady hand, good strategy, and a bit of luck. But with the right moves, you can keep your tower (or your GTM strategy) standing strong. So go ahead, take a deep breath, and start making your moves. 

Let’s see how high you can go!

Our take

While we enjoyed and agreed with ChatGPT’s analogy of sales and marketing tactics as building blocks to a solid go-to-market strategy, the reality is that Jenga typically sets individuals or teams up for competition against each other, rooting for the downfall of the opposition. 

As seen here in a friendly game between our CEO Gabe Rogol, CPO Brewster Stanislaw, and Ad Cloud GM Gareth Noonan, once you start stacking blocks haphazardly it creates more misalignment until the eventual collapse of the tower –– or your sales and revenue goals. 


On the contrary, once CMO Jon Miller got involved and marketing and sales were aligned, they changed the game –– literally. By working together to fill gaps instead of trying to out-do each other for their personal gain, the tower became solid and the go-to-market smarter. 

When it comes to your own go-to-market strategy, make sure your sales and marketing teams are working in unison instead of competing. And if your revenue goals have been collapsing thus far, we have good news: just like with Jenga, you can rebuild and start from scratch. Together

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