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20 Revenue Marketers Who Kick Ass in 2023

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March 29, 2023

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20 Revenue Marketers 2023

20 Revenue Marketers Who Kick Ass in 2023

As the world of B2B revenue marketing continues to develop, particularly in the realms of digital marketing and demand generation, it becomes increasingly crucial to stay abreast of emerging trends. One way to achieve this is by learning from those who have successfully adapted to new trends.

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own team or are simply curious about the revenue marketing leaders who are currently kicking ass, taking cues from these thought leaders can provide you with valuable insights into how to remain ahead of the curve during times of rapid change.

List Methodology

When developing a list of top revenue marketers, it’s not simply about who has the most followers. While reach, specifically on LinkedIn, is important, a variety of other criteria go into such a ranking, including:

  • Sharing contextual updates: Whether publishing unique on-topic content or reposting content with additional context, the content needs to be beneficial to their audience. Simply reposting company content isn’t enough.
  • Engagement with revenue marketing-focused content: If you’re turning to someone for inspiration, they should be actively engaged with the broader community both passively and actively (such as liking and commenting on other content).
  • Audience resonance: When these thought leaders publish content, are their audiences actively engaging with it? Is it resonating with them? How about when they comment on other people’s content? Their content, whether on their profile or when they engage with others’ content, should resonate with these audiences.

Many lists rely entirely on Twitter but, in the B2B world, most people focus their time on LinkedIn. While Twitter allows access to their firehose and therefore a lot of tools can determine influence, this list was manually researched and analyzed by our team one profile at a time.

20 Revenue Marketers Who Kick Ass in 2023

Without delay and in no specific order, here are the 20 revenue marketers kicking ass and that you need to be following:

Tracy Kraft

Tracy Kraft

VP, Revenue Marketing, Demandbase

Why you should follow Tracy:

Tracy describes herself as a “modern, results-driven marketing leader. Multi-disciplined with extensive experience at global high-growth enterprise software companies.” She has successfully developed and led global teams to deliver measurable practices and programs resulting in sustainable revenue, including at brands such as Demandbase, New Relic, and Marqeta. Tracy is a frequent speaker and podcast guest.


Tracy Kraft Linkedin Post




Mason Cosby Updated Headshot

Mason Cosby

Director of Demand Generation, Sales Assembly 

Why you should follow Mason:

Mason frequently shares content on how to drive demand, various experiments that he’s running, and shares aspects of his personal life thus sharing a more rounded view of he is. Mason mixes in various forms of content from short and long-form text updates, short videos, and images. He also runs a podcast called The Marketing Ladder where he interviews marketing leaders to learn how they built their careers and asks them to provide advice on how listeners can grow their careers.


Mason Cosby Linkedin Post



Tara Pawlak Headshot

Tara Pawlak

Vice President of Demand Generation, Revenue Grid

Why you should follow Tara:

Tara has held multiple marketing leadership positions throughout her career and currently leads demand generation at Revenue Grid. She describes herself as a marketing executive with over 15+ years of experience in building GTM plans. Her passions are in strategy, operations, martech, and B2B demand generation. She was recently named a “CMO to watch in 2023” by CMO Alliance. Tara has held multiple marketing leadership positions throughout her career.


Tara Pawlak Linkedin Post



Myles Madden Headshot

Myles Madden

Sr. Demand Generation Manager, Observe.AI

Why you should follow Myles:

Myles has a long career in demand generation and shares those learnings with his community, driving deep and thoughtful engagement on his content. Myles actively engages with senior executives across a variety of functions both on his content as well as on content that they publish.


Myles Madden Linkedin Post



Kerri Vogel Headshot

Kerri Vogel

Vice President, Revenue Marketing, Anaplan

Why you should follow Kerri:

Kerri’s expertise is in leading global campaigns, especially ABM strategies, with her current role at Anaplan and previous roles at Elucian, Hitachi, and others. She describes herself as being a leader that “leverages data, technology, process and a customer centric approach to deliver customized and personalized marketing campaigns and programs that drive revenue growth and business outcomes.” Her leadership was nominated by Sirius Decisions for “ABM Program of the Year” award in 2019.


Kerri Vogel Linkedin Post



Sofia Alexandra Silva Headshot

Sofia Alexandra Silva

Senior Demand Generation Associate, Reachdesk

Why you should follow Sofia:

Sofia is passionate about building and executing integrated campaigns that drive demand and pipeline growth. She believes in a human-to-human marketing approach that resonates with customers and drives revenue growth. Sofia is regularly sharing insights and best practices on marketing, demand generation, and social media. In her spare time, she enjoys planning her next trip, reading fiction, and baking “fancy cakes.”


Sofia Alexandra Silva Linkedin Post



Natasha Dolginsky Headshot

Natasha Dolginsky

Sr. Director of Growth Marketing, Clari

Why you should follow Natasha:

Natasha has an unquenchable thirst for all facets of marketing. This includes inbound and account-based marketing, testing and experimentation, metrics and attribution models. Natasha views marketing “as a perfect blend of art, science, psychology, and creative thinking,” and believes it to be an integral part of the revenue team. Her content is a perfect marriage between learning and humor.


Natasha Dolginsky Linkedin Post



Sarah Breathnach Headshot

Sarah Breathnach

Head of Demand Generation & Field Marketing (Global), Hunters 

Why you should follow Sarah:

Sarah is an advocate for modern, customer-centric marketing strategies that drive revenue growth. She is passionate about educating marketers on the importance of abandoning outdated tactics and embracing innovative, data-driven, and customer-centric initiatives. Sarah regularly shares thought-provoking insights around B2B marketing, branding, B2B sales, and start-up marketing. She’s also a frequent speaker, including at conferences such as INBOUND, B2B Marketing Exchange, and Cyber Security Marketing Con, as well as a frequent podcast guest.


Sarah Breathnach



Adam Holmgren Headshot

Adam Holmgren

Global Demand Generation Strategy Lead, GetAccept

Why you should follow Adam:

Adam shares his thoughts on all aspects of demand generation in a relatable fashion. He tests his hypotheses and follows up by sharing the results with his audience. He’s an excellent representative for his company, GetAccept, and has built one of the largest demand generation-focused communities and podcasts in Europe for B2B marketers. Additionally, he advises high-growth B2B SaaS companies on their GTM model and/or paid acquisition models. Adam can also frequently be seen as a guest on podcasts.


Adam Holmgren Linkedin Post



Sarah McConnell Headshot

Sarah McConnell

VP, Demand Generation, Qualified

Why you should follow Sarah:

Sarah is a demand generation expert with a proven track record of strategizing and executing multi-channel efforts that help exceed pipeline and revenue targets. With a heavy focus on data-driven decision making, Sarah has consistently delivered successful marketing campaigns that drive revenue growth. She is also a dedicated content creator, sharing her insights and best practices on demand generation. A fun fact about Sarah is that she is a lover of GIFs.


Sarah McConnell Linkedin Post



Sarah McConnell Headshot

Evan Hughes

Vice President of Demand Generation, Refine Labs

Why you should follow Evan:

Evan believes that we need to rethink demand generation and adopt new strategies –– and that’s exactly what he highlights in content. All it takes is a quick look at his LinkedIn profile and you’ll see an endless number of tips, strategies, and thoughts on how marketing should be thinking about demand generation. When he’s not busy leading his 10-person team at Refine Labs, Evan consults with early-stage startups and spends time with his family and friends.


Evan Hughes Linkedin Post



Robin Izsak-Tseng Headshot

Robin Izsak-Tseng

VP of Revenue Marketing, G2

Why you should follow Robin:

Robin is a marketing expert with skills in demand generation, digital marketing, and account-based marketing (ABM). Prior to joining G2, she had significant experience in senior marketing positions at BetterCloud and Logi Analytics, as well as working as a marketing strategy consultant and co-leading a Marketo user group. Robin is a frequent speaker on webinars, LinkedIn Lives, and other virtual events.


Robin Izsak-Tseng Linkedin Post



Amy Vosko Headshot

Amy Vosko

Vice President of Revenue Marketing, PathFactory

Why you should follow Amy:

Amy has 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and communications, many of which have been in demand generation leadership roles. In her current role as PathFactory’s VP of Revenue Marketing, she has grown her team by 200% and created a world-class GTM team. If thought-provoking blogs on event strategy and can’t-miss webinars on cooking up quick and easy growth recipes – from an executive with 25+ years of experience, no less – sound good to you, you need to follow Amy. 


Amy Vosko Linkedin Post



Soraya Sackey Headshot

Soraya Sackey

Head of Growth Marketing, Middle East & Africa, JAGGAER

Why you should follow Soraya:

Soraya is a marketing leader with over 10 years of experience in B2B marketing within the SaaS, enterprise software, and technology industries. She focuses on formulating and implementing marketing strategies to help increase brand awareness and increase pipeline velocity. Her expertise lies in digital marketing, demand generation, and growth marketing.


Soraya Sackey Linkedin Post



Christina Daroca Headshot

Cristina Daroca

Senior Director, Global Demand & Americas Marketing, Riverbed Technology

Why you should follow Cristina:

With 10 years of experience, Cristina specializes in crafting demand generation and ABM programs for SaaS start-ups and medium-sized companies. Her passion for B2B marketing shines through in the valuable insights and actionable tips she regularly shares with her audience, helping them build successful lead-generation strategies. Cristina provides her community with in-depth perspectives, often providing actionable processes and tips.


Christina Daroca Linkedin Post



Hillary Carpio Headshot

Hillary Carpio

Senior Director, Account-Based Marketing, Snowflake

Why you should follow Hillary:

Hillary is a passionate leader in B2B marketing, leading one of the largest teams in the industry focused on account-based marketing (ABM). Hillary has worked for brands such as Fortinet and NetApp. In her current role at Snowflake, her processes and programs have served more than 200 SDRs and 400+ sales reps globally. Hillary regularly shares insightful content that can help other marketers stay up to date with the latest ABM strategies and best practices. She is also the host of the GTM Speed Dial podcast.


Hillary Carpio Linkedin Post



Ryan Williams Headshot

Ryan Williams

Senior Demand Generation Manager, PhoneBurner

Why you should follow Ryan:

Ryan focuses the content that he shares with his community in the areas of paid media, SEO, email, and marketing automation –– all of which result in B2B growth. He provides a combination of tips and feedback on how to approach various aspects of demand generation. When he’s not sharing his thoughts on topics such as CPLs, MQLs, KPIs, or other related areas, Ryan shares personal updates with his kids.


Ryan Williams Linkedin Post



Alex Sukianto Headshot

Axel Sukianto

Marketing Director, Demand Generation, UpGuard

Why you should follow Axel:

We all want the TLDR in life, but Axel put his own spin on the acronym for B2B pros: Traffic, Leads, Demos, Revenue. Over the past decade, Axel has worked with marketing and growth teams in B2B SaaS in Australia and APAC to drive revenue with customer-focused marketing campaigns. His posts cover a wide range of marketing best practices as well as networking opportunities for local job-seekers in AUS/NZ. When he’s not sharing all of his wisdom on LinkedIn, speaking engagements, or panels, Axel enjoys spending time as a girl-dad who advocates for the importance of parental leave and being fully present when off-the-clock.   


Alex Sukianto Linkedin Post



Alex Sukianto Headshot

Brianna Doe

Director of Demand Generation, Aion

Why you should follow Brianna:

For all those who are aiming to land a role in demand generation, Brianna is your “go-to” person. Brianna’s content is a treasure trove of valuable insights and tips that can help individuals develop their skills and advance their careers specifically in the area of demand generation. Beyond her day job, Brianna also offers 1:1 coaching sessions, has a creative outlet called soul food studio where she creates apparel, home decor, and accessories, and she also founded what makes you tick, which she describes as “an online publication designed to give creatives the platform to share their own stories – unfiltered.”


Brianna Doe Linkedin Post



Sandeep John Headshot

Sandeep John

Director of Demand Generation, Outplay

Why you should follow Sandeep:

Sandeep has a diverse background in sales and marketing, with experience in building brands, scaling operations, and working with outbound initiatives. His creative aspects of marketing are inspired by his past work as a radio jockey and involvement in theater. Sandeep is a lifelong learner who values adaptability and is always eager to discuss sales, marketing, and new technology. And he is always game for meeting new people so make sure you connect with him.


Sandeep John Linkedin Post

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