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10 Phrases to Help You Close a Deal

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June 15, 2022

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10 Phrases to Help You Close a Deal

As a sales professional, you work hard to convert prospects into customers. The sales cycle typically involves multiple steps: learning about customer needs, building trust, and fostering relationships based on shared value. While there’s no magic closing phrases that can automatically turn a prospect into a customer, here are ten impactful sales closing phrases that can reliably move the buying journey forward:

1. “How did you find us?”

This question enables the seller to uncover where the prospect is in their journey and what factors got them to consider your offering/brand. Once you have the prospect’s feedback, you can then tailor your sales pitch to where the prospect is in their journey.


2. “We could do A or B. Which works best for you?”

This effective sales closing phrase suggested by Indeed does two powerful things. First, it assumes a sale and simultaneously puts choice into the prospect’s hands. Second, it shows that the seller is working to address the prospect’s needs, making it a signifier of consultative selling.


3. “Can I answer any questions for you?”

Another great phrase that signals collaboration and helps the seller collect feedback on the priorities and objections the prospect may have. 


4. “Why don’t we put our heads together on that?”

A phrase that invites collaboration in removing any obstacles blocking the sale. The content and tone of the question assumes that both seller and prospect will work together to find a solution. At the end of this problem-solving process will be the sale.


5.What are your thoughts on X?”

With this question, suggested by Saleshacker, you’re making a tentative proposal, but also “feeling out” the prospect and inviting help in tailoring the proposal. The prospect will provide feedback you can then use to tweak the existing proposal or tailor a new one. 


6. “How about we get you started with X?”

This question suggested by Indeed assumes that the prospect has heard enough to take the next step. It’s a great way to ask for commitment if you’re seeing clear buying signals.


7. “Why not give us a try?”

Again, you’re picking up some buying intent from the prospect and asking to close (or address any remaining obstacles). The casual nature of this question is part of its effectiveness, notes Saleshacker.


8. “I can offer you a [discount/special promotion/expedited delivery time/other incentive].”

With this impactful closing phrase, you’re displaying your willingness to go the extra mile to close. Your incentive should be well-timed and tailored to the prospect’s stated needs. 


9. “Would that be fair?”

Research shows that top sales performers use the word “fair” significantly more than low performers. Deploy this closing phrase in the end-stage of a deal to handle an objection, gain buy-in, or define next steps.



10.There’s a limited [time, supply, promotional offer, etc.].”

Prospects respond to scarcity. When a window is closing, prospects risk losing the opportunity. Loss aversion is a perennially powerful human motivation.


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