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Building Digital-First Sales Experiences for Enterprise Sellers

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B2B buyer frustration with the sales process has grown 25% in the last year. The new generation of buyers are seeking a far more digital and hands-off buying experience, pushing today’s seller to innovate. Adapting to these new expectations isn’t easy. And, Enterprises can have it even harder – with larger teams, more complex org structures, and big audacious pipeline targets.

Join us, to learn the smartest ways to digitize your sales process to appeal to a digital-savvy buyer. We’ll walk through 4 innovative topics from sales leaders across the B2B sales process:

1) Understanding new B2B Buyer preferences in 2022,
2) Digitizing Prospecting Experiences,
3) Relational Selling goes 2.O, and
4) Scaling personal outreach and RFPs with Rev Ops.

We’ll learn:

  • Latest B2B buyer attitudes towards the sales process and trends in 2022
  • How innovative sales leaders are digitizing sales processes for peak performance
  • Behind-the-scenes strategies they use to create a blissful, digital-forward experience for B2B


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