On-Demand Webinar

From Hand-off to ‘Orchestrated Team’: The Partnership Between Sales & Marketing


Presented at the Demand Gen Summit Spring, 2023

Sales and marketing alignment can begin with a simple conversation, but achieving results requires aligning on key elements in the revenue lifecycle.

Traditional go-to-market (GTM) processes are built around the lead, who is then passed like a baton from Marketing to Sales. But in every complex B2B deal, there are many buyers involved: the decision-maker, the end user, the influencer, the CFO, and so on. 

In order to close more deals, Sales and Marketing need to be partners and operate as a team by following an orchestrated process. They have distinctly different roles to play but they work together to pass the ball back and forth down the field to create and win new business and drive account growth.

Watch this session to hear from Revenue leaders at Demandbase on how they collaborate and align their teams to achieve greater revenue growth.


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