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Stop The Insanity — Deliver Better Buyer Experiences Or Else

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The days of a linear buying journey and traditional marketing-to-sales hand-offs are a thing of the past as organizations rely on integrated plays between marketing, SDRs and sales reps to better engage buyers throughout their entire journey. When an organization can paint a complete picture of an account, such as knowing who engaged with marketing campaigns and responded to sales outreach, it creates a positive prospect experience that propels them forward in the buying process.

This Demand Gen Report Buyer Insights & Intelligence series session will take a research-backed approach to explore the changing B2B buyer’s journey through the lens of both sales and marketing. Demandbase’s VP of Marketing Sandra Freeman and ABX Expert Tiffany Giddens will dive into brand new DGR benchmark data to discuss what it means for both sales and marketing, with a specific focus on:

  • The importance of orchestration to create efficient omnichannel experiences;
  • The multiple engagement points buyers are using to discover solutions and form brand impressions;
  • The expansion of buying committees and their subsequent behavioral changes, with a specific focus on how organizations can turn to a multi-threading approach to build relationships with as many stakeholders as possible;
  • How purchasing timelines have changed over the past year and the implications of those changes; and
  • The key points buyers are looking for in content, such as deployment and ease of use.


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