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3 Steps To Smarter Multichannel Campaigns

It’s time to stop random acts of marketing campaigns. Conflicting and irrelevant messages across channels are the bane of successful marketing campaigns. This is a real problem in B2B and the only way we can get better is by getting smarter.

This session will walk through a campaign formula used by Demandbase with proven results:
1. Plan with account intelligence: Segment accounts and people with first – and third-party data: Intent, tiers, people dimensions.
2. Integrate channels: Maximize results by increasing the number of channels used in your campaign and aligning messaging across them all → email, webinar, webchat, direct mail, advertising, social, landing pages. (One unified message across all channels helps with activation).
3. Align and enable sales: Enable your SDRs and sellers; take it up a notch by adding a Blitz to your campaign. (Focused sales effort to get meetings aligned to campaigns.)


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