My Journey to Becoming ABM Certified

August 10, 2020

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My Journey to Becoming ABM Certified

My Journey to Becoming ABM Certified

We are all living in chaotic times and feeling like we have zero control over anything. With everyone working from home and worrying about their careers, there is something we can control: our professional development.

In 2019, I decided to become a certified ABM expert by completing the Demandbase ABM Certification program.

I want to share my story to encourage you to take steps to invest in your professional development now to prepare for your future.

When I first learned about Account-Based Marketing (ABM), it seemed like another niche marketing strategy. What I didn’t realize was that ABM was more than a niche marketing strategy; it’s an incredibly valuable go-to-market business strategy. Once I grasped the opportunities of ABM, I dove headlong into becoming an expert, enter the Demandbase ABM Certification program.

The 2019 ABM Innovation Summit is where my certification journey began. Along with fellow B2B marketers, we dove into learning the ins and outs of ABM and becoming prepared to help our respective organizations to drive more significant growth. Once I had kicked-off my ABM training, I knew it was time to put those learnings into practice.

Armed with my ABM knowledge from the Demandbase ABM Certification program, I was ready to kick-off our ABM pilot program.

As we were setting up the pilot program, critical nuggets of information from the certification and product training offered by Demandbase helped me to execute our program.

For instance, the ABM Certification program helped to provide strategies on how to bring Marketing and Sales together, how to utilize account intelligence to select the best accounts for the pilot, and how to benchmark and measure the pilot’s success with key ABM metrics.

Needless to say, the Certification program and the Demandbase ABM Platform were key elements in my toolbox.

More importantly, during the live expert training, I was able to network with other B2B marketers and learn their ABM best practices.

For instance, I shared my insights on coming from a program that was purely targeting net new prospects but was able to gain insights from others who had success from implementing ABM for upsell targets. This network we built continues to be valuable, staying in touch via LinkedIn and other Demandbase events.

Side note: Upon the completion of the Demandbase certification, I published the badge on my LinkedIn profile and was recruited by my current company, Mimecast, to join them as the lead ABM expert.

If there are pieces of advice I can offer fellow B2B marketers who want to invest in their professional development, it would be the following:

  • Investing in professional development takes commitment. It’s easier said than done, but now is the time to dedicate your efforts to hone and expand your skills. After all, even in rough economic times, Marketing is still on the hook to deliver pipeline goals and targets.
  • Be open-minded to learn from your peers and thought leaders. Learning from peers, during certification, and from the thought leaders at Demandbase, it empowered me to test new things and stretch my skills.
  • Certification programs can help expand your network. I’ve found going through the Demandbase ABM Certification program helped me to expand my network and connect with fellow B2B marketers who I may have never met.

These are chaotic times, but investing in your professional development will put you in a better position now and in the future. Take my word for it and be an advocate for your own growth. Be well!

This article first appeared in martechseries.com on April 20, 2020.

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