On Demand Webinar

Analytics that Matter: How to Turn Raw Data Into Actionable Insight Through Hypothesis-Driven Thinking


Ingredients for Hypothesis-Driven Analysis

As marketers, we have more raw data than we know what to do with. But how do you tell a story, extract insight, and know what to do next as a marketer when we are swimming in all the data? In this rapid-fire session, we dive deep into methodically combining the principles of marketing data, the key reports to be looking at that matter to the C-suite, and scientific hypothesis-driven thinking.



Jessica Kao

Senior Director of Marketing Operations and Analytics, F5

Key benefits

Watch this session to:

  • Gain the tools, and the framework to help you and your organization know what marketing to do more of, less of, and different.
  • Reach for the holy grail of what all marketers want to do and prove your impact to the company.
  • Start thinking differently about the data to optimize your marketing.