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Plan, execute, and measure seamless account-based strategies with the Demandbase ABX Cloud

With the Demandbase ABX Cloud, you finally have an Account-Based Experience (ABX) solution that connects everything that matters to win in today’s changing B2B landscape. Get the speed you need today plus the power and flexibility you’ll want tomorrow. See why the new Demandbase is the account-based leader for the entire revenue team.


Build your account-based foundation and measure everything that matters.

  • Unify disconnected account data into a “single pane of glass” that unlocks insights and aligns Marketing and Sales.
  • Consolidate first and third party data of both people and accounts and turn them into actionable insights with an Account Data Platform.
  • Create precise audiences using AI-powered account selection plus custom CRM data, opportunities, buyer persona, journey stage, behavior, intent, recent sales activity, and more.
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Find and prioritize target accounts through Predictive Analytics with FIRE.

  • Fit: Identify accounts within your ICP that have the best chance of becoming customers.
  • Intent: Discover accounts doing anonymous research on your unique products and competitors.
  • Relationship: Understand the context and history of account outreach and sales engagement.
  • Engagement: Measure how accounts interact with your brand across your website, content and campaigns.
  • Pipeline Predict: Combine each piece of FIRE to pinpoint qualified accounts showing behaviors that predict active buying activity.
  • Custom Account Journeys: Discover where accounts are in their journey, know which ones are ready to buy, and personalize engagement accordingly.
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Engage target accounts with personalized experiences across multiple channels.

  • Advertise to your target accounts with the only DSP that delivers the precision and scale that B2B requires.
  • Deliver relevant experiences with website personalization to increase engagement and interaction.
  • Design and orchestrate actions from sales and marketing across channels.
  • Create precise segments and audiences with powerful Selectors and use those audiences in third party advertising and social platforms.
  • Connect to third-party systems to trigger sales plays, orchestrate actions in MAS and extend your outreach.
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Close more business and drive revenue with personalized, actionable sales insights.

  • Know who is ready to buy and when to reach out with deep account insights.
  • Plan your territory and accelerate sales cycles with personalized, customer-facing rep insights.
  • Automatically capture all customer-facing activities and create contacts, leaving no gaps across the buying committee.
  • Get a 360° view of engagement across each key persona in the accounts that matter most.
  • Deliver real-time alerts in the systems Sales uses — CRM, email, Slack, LinkedIn.
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Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to grow lifetime customer value.

  • Find expansion opportunities by monitoring intent and engagement by product line.
  • Identify competitive threats to your customer base and address FUD ahead of the renewal date.
  • Use intent to engage prospects and customers differently on every touchpoint, tailoring content to their unique interests.
  • Determine which content is most popular by vertical or product ownership using Site Analytics.
  • Track customer engagement with custom on and offsite activity filters.
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Understand if your ABX strategy is working across the buyer journey.

  • See how accounts are engaging over time with Heatmaps and the Deal Story.
  • Track core journey metrics like volume, velocity and conversion.
  • Evaluate your territory for gaps in engagement.
  • Understand website engagement with Site Analytics.
  • Measure the impact and ROI of every interaction across Sales and Marketing with attribution.
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Customer story

Demandbase enables you to refine your account lists, reach those accounts, as well as understand what activity they're doing on your website. And we're able to send the activity directly to our outbound sales team so that they can prioritize and personalize their prospecting.

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Perri Garner, Director of ABM

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