Demandbase Welcomes InsideView and DemandMatrix

Launching the Data Cloud and Sales Intelligence Cloud


Transforming how B2B companies go to market

At Demandbase, our vision is bold. We are transforming how B2B companies go to market, helping them deliver great experiences at every stage of the account journey.

This requires great data — which is why we’ve acquired both InsideView, the leader in Sales and Marketing intelligence, and DemandMatrix, the best provider of technographic data.

We now have the premium B2B data and intelligence solutions to help companies identify, understand, and engage their customers and prospects.

With this move, Demandbase goes from being ‘just’ a leader in account-based programs to being the definitive leader in B2B go-to-market.

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Demandbase Press Release

Press release

“Data is the foundation of any winning B2B go-to-market strategy, and software and predictive analytics are only as good as the data that powers them.”

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Data Cloud and Sales Intelligence Cloud — helping you
turn great data into actionable insights

With these acquisitions, you have access to (even) more intelligence, more firmographic data, more contact data, and more technographic data. And because we’ve created two new solutions for all this data — the Demandbase Data Cloud and Sales Intelligence Cloud — you also have better access for even more streamlined and actionable insights.

The Demandbase Data Cloud delivers trusted data and intelligence about accounts and contacts with the most complete set of B2B data. Demandbase customers can access the data inside one of our other Clouds, or purchase the data directly to feed their existing systems. The Sales Intelligence Cloud helps sales and business development teams form deeper insights about prospects at the account and individual level, to engage in smarter ways and win bigger deals faster.

Empower your revenue teams to achieve
outsized growth and retention

We created the Data Cloud and Sales Intelligence Cloud to join the existing ABX Cloud and Advertising Cloud, for an expanded Demandbase One B2B Go-To-Market Suite consisting of four connected clouds. These solutions empower your entire revenue organization —Marketing, Sales, Post-Sales, and Operations — to work seamlessly together with increased transparency and unlimited flexibility. So you can focus on achieving outsized growth and retention.

A Complete Suite for B2B Go-To-Market

ABX Cloud

Plan, execute, and measure seamless account-based strategies, and create the right experience for every stage of the account journey.

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Advertising Cloud

Reach the full buying committee and attract your target accounts with the only DSP built for B2B.

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Sales Intelligence Cloud

Find the right prospects, engage with relevant insights, and win bigger deals, faster.

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Data Cloud

Get trusted data and intelligence about accounts and contacts with the most complete set of B2B data.

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A Big (Data) Day for B2B - Gabe Rogol

A Big (Data) Day for B2B

Demandbase CEO Gabe Rogol shares why Demandbase made these changes and why they matter to our customers.

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Why Data Will Eat the World - Jon Miller

Why Data Will Eat the World

Demandbase CMO Jon Miller takes a deep dive into the ubiquitous importance of data in modern marketing, and how Data Cloud heeds the call.

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Creating a Data Powerhouse for Go-To-Market Impact - Umberto Milletti

InsideView + Demandbase: Creating a Data Powerhouse for Go-To-Market Impact

InsideView CEO Umberto Milletti predicts the impact of a new data powerhouse and envisions the many ways customers will benefit.

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New Beginnings: DemandMatrix + Demandbase - Meetul Shah

New Beginnings: DemandMatrix + Demandbase

DemandMatrix CEO Meetul Shah explores the genesis for DemandMatrix and how the parallels between its vision and that of Demandbase are uncanny.

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Innovation in B2B has come (again) with Demandbase.

You’ve told us you need flexibility in how you integrate your go-to-market solutions — and we listened. With Demandbase One, you can license one or any combination of solutions depending on your needs. So you can connect seamlessly with everything that matters to you.

It’s not magic or wishful thinking. But it is pretty spectacular. It’s Demandbase One.

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