Account-Based Advertising

Deliver personalized messages to the companies
and job functions you care about most – anywhere, anytime

The Power of Account-Based Advertising

Target key accounts and job functions
While most advertising solutions are built to target only personas, Account-Based Advertising helps you target both your key accounts and specific internal job functions without waste. Deliver personalized messages to those companies and critical buyers to engage the right group of stakeholders and build consensus early.
Reach company stakeholders across the web
We help you to develop and build a list of target/named accounts – or work with your existing list. Then, using our proprietary ad technology/DSP and audience profile data, we place your ads across leading exchanges and publishers, serving your personalized messages to targeted companies and specific job functions within them.
Measure and optimize by account
We provide you with unique reporting that shows increases in website traffic and engagement by company, giving you unique insight into performance and connecting ad spend to revenue. You’ll also have an increased understanding of which accounts are getting ready to buy – making anonymous traffic actionable.

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