Demandbase Ads Policy

Updated: November 4, 2019

Customer (also “you” and “your”) agrees that the ads policy, available at:, as amended from time-to-time shall apply to any content provided by Customer to Demandbase for use with the Targeting Service.

Demandbase may: (i) remove or reject an ad for any reason; and (ii) change the formatting, positioning and placement of your ads. You acknowledge that Demandbase cannot control how clicks are generated on your ads and is not responsible for any clickfraud, technological issues, or any other invalid clicks that may affect your ads.

If you are placing ads on behalf of another entity that is acting as the advertiser, you agree that you have permission to place those ads and that you will be responsible for any violations of this policy by the advertiser.

Customer agrees that all ads have attributes accurately declared, including but not limited to advertiser domain and any other embedded attributes. All third-party impression/click trackers (e.g. DFA, Flashtalking, Mediaplex) must be SSL compliant. Customer may not include any third-party vendors or tracking technology unless Demandbase has specifically approved such in advance in writing (e.g. Adobe, Demdex, DoubleVerify, etc.).

In the case of audience data generated by the Targeting Service (the “Audience Data”), Customer may not: (i) replicate (or enable a third party to replicate) the Audience Data; (ii) create second or third-party audiences or derive any other targeting data from the Audience Data; (iii) store the Audience Data outside of the Service; nor (iv) use the Audience Data after the termination of the underlying license or after the impression cap stated in the Order Form is reached, whichever is earlier.

Unless specifically agreed to in advance and in writing, for any data that is collected or otherwise received or derived from the ads and Targeting Service, Customer:

  • will only share and use the data for internal business purposes in an aggregate and anonymous basis to assess ad campaign performance and metrics;
  • will not use the data to create segments for retargeting outside of the Demandbase Platform, allow piggyback tags, or overlay data on external segments for use with advertising campaigns outside the Demandbase Targeting Service;
  • will not use the data to create or augment profiles or segments, or otherwise associate them with a particular user, device, or other personally identifiable information; and
  • will not share the data with any other advertising service provider, such as an ad network, ad exchange, data management platform, data broker or other monetization service.

Customer agrees that any ads it provides will not:

  • facilitate or promote illegal activity or content illegal content;
  • contain content that is deceptive, misleading, defamatory, obscene, distasteful, racially or ethnically offensive, harassing, or that is discriminatory based upon race, gender, color, creed, age, sexual orientation, or disability;
  • contain sexually suggestive, explicit, or pornographic content;
  • infringe upon or violate any right of any third party, including, without limitation, any intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights;
  • spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original ad;
  • distribute adware, spyware, or viruses;
  • auto-forward users’ browsers;
  • resemble system dialogue boxes or error messages; and
  • intentionally obscure or falsify the source of the inventory or artificially inflate the volume of such inventory in any way.

Customer agrees that landing pages:

  • may not contain any type of content prohibited herein;
  • do not conflict with the products or representations in the ads;
  • do not forcefully redirect to the user to other pages or content; and
  • are secure (using TLS 1.2 or higher).

Customer agrees that it will abide by industry standards with regards to the ads, including but not limited to, those put forward by the Coalition for Better Ads and Digital Advertising Alliance. Customer will share a link on its website to opt-out of cookies from Demandbase via: