Demandbase Virtual User Group

July 27th at 2pm GMT

Topic: Demandbase Advertising Basics 

Facilitator: Demandbase Champion, Dr. Mariia Golub, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Grid Dynamics

Join us for a special User Group where Demandbase Community member, Mariia Golub will share fundamental methods she uses to leverage the value of using Demandbase Advertising. She’ll cover the following points:

  • Understanding Funnel Stages: The Basic Principles
  • Journey Stages: Navigating Accounts Interactions
  • The Power of Personalization: Techniques and Benefits
  • Maximizing Impact with Display Ads: Best Practices
  • Campaign Optimization: Key Areas to Monitor

Mariia is excited to share her learnings with you and to answer questions from the Demandbase Community. If you’re looking to learn more about how to leverage Demandbase Advertising, then sign up today!

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