Web Site Audience Classification | December 2011

Real-Time Identification and Segmentation of Web Traffic by Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMBs, Drives Greater Conversion Optimization

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 6, 2011 – Demandbase, a technology company providing B2B marketing performance-improvement solutions, today announced that its Real-Time Identification Service now includes enhanced audience classification capabilities for worldwide business web traffic. The audience classifications include business size, industry/verticals, government, education, residential and wireless. These enhancements enable marketers to more effectively personalize and optimize their websites and digital marketing programs to improve customer acquisition and customer retention.

The new identification capabilities stem from the ongoing development of the Demandbase Business Resolution Platform, which has grown by more than 30 percent in the last year, to include over 1.3 billion IP addresses and other information mapped to corporate data. In addition to the more than 40 business attributes that the Real-Time Identification Service delivers about web visitors, the platform now gives marketers the ability to classify web traffic into business vs. consumer audiences with further segmentation by industry or company size. The new enhancements to the Real-Time Identification Service, including benchmarks to B2B averages, are designed to help business marketers optimize web experiences for potential and existing customers. The identification and classification features allow web marketers to better understand and benchmark the composition of their web traffic, personalize web experiences based on detailed segments, and measure results for the most valuable audiences to drive improved conversions.

“The enhancements Demandbase is making to the Real-Time Identification Service will help us gain a better view of the makeup of our web traffic” said Angie Bledsoe, web analytics manager for Freightquote.com “Not only can we identify our traffic by data points that matter most to our bottom line, but we will gain an easy view of our traffic falling into audience categories that are relevant to our business. With this knowledge, our team will be able to more effectively optimize our site and marketing efforts, better serving our customers’ needs.”

Demandbase Real-Time Identification Service delivers businesses the most accurate, real-time information about the visitor’s company, including industry, size, location, revenue and customer status (new prospect, existing customer, competitor, etc.) to make web experiences more relevant and effective. Information is delivered in milliseconds, before a web page is served, so that a more personalized experience can be delivered in real time. The technology can be plugged into existing applications, such as web forms, CMS systems and analytics platforms, resulting in shortened forms, personalized content, and targeted actionable insight on target traffic.

“Marketers understand that they need to become more savvy around understanding the makeup of web visitors, and then take the action necessary to immediately service those audiences. Demandbase customers can immediately understand how their most valuable audience segments are engaging with their web sites and address those customers with a highly personalized experience every time” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “As a result, businesses can better focus online marketing campaigns, measure which strategies are engaging certain audience sectors, and drive higher conversion rates through optimization. This enhancement expands to the possibilities for personalization.”

Built on its cloud-based business data network, Demandbase’s Business Resolution Platform maps more than 1.3 billion IP addresses to millions of global companies without using cookies and delivers information in real time. The unique identification data provides business marketers with the ability to perform account based targeting that results in better website engagement and conversion.

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