Demandbase Launches New Marketo Integration to Help Customers Target the Right Companies and Personalize Web Experiences

Prebuilt Connector for Marketo Enables Greater Visibility into Website Traffic

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Sept. 5, 2013 – Demandbase, Inc., the targeting and personalization platform for B2B, today announced that its real-time identification technology is now connected with Marketo, the leading cloud-based marketing software platform for building and sustaining engaging customer relationships. The Demandbase Platform – which includes modules for Company Targeted Advertising, Website Content Personalization, Web Analytics Enhancements, and Online Forms – now easily plugs into Marketo landing pages and lead capture forms, to enable personalized offers and shorter, more precise forms. Because Demandbase can identify the company of otherwise anonymous web visitors in real-time, the business attributes of the visitor are known before a page is rendered or a form is filled out. The Demandbase connector for Marketo improves lead segmentation, scoring and routing – without sacrificing detailed visitor information – dramatically improving conversion rates.

“One of the biggest barriers to effective online marketing is converting web traffic into qualified leads,” said Robin Bordoli, vice president of partner ecosystems and strategic alliances at Marketo. “By coupling Demandbase’s targeting and personalization capabilities with the Marketo platform, our customers can increase the quality of their customer data, provide more targeted and personalized offers, and ultimately drive stronger revenue results.”

The Demandbase connector for Marketo brings the power of real-time intelligence about otherwise anonymous visitors – from the first visit to the customer site – to Marketo customers, eliminating the need for lengthy forms, while also improving customer engagement and lead capture. Since Demandbase provides the critical company attributes about a web visitor, it means fewer questions are necessary at the time of a form-to-conversion activity on the website, resulting in lower site abandonment. And, because nearly 20 percent of data entered into forms is incorrect and more than 80 percent of people have reported lying on forms, data quality is significantly improved through Demandbase.

“Increasing the volume of overall leads that a company is selling to their target audiences is critical to maximizing the impact of what a powerful marketing automation platform like Marketo can do,” said Greg Ott, CMO of Demandbase. “Now, with the Demandbase connector for Marketo, businesses can optimize this lead capture from the start, driving more and better-qualified leads, and enabling sales and marketing teams to focus on their most scalable programs to increase revenue.”

Demandbase’s targeting and personalization platform plug into a customer’s existing online marketing tools, such as CMS, CRM, advertising exchanges, live chat, and marketing automation, giving all of these tools a consistent view of the company attributes in real time. The platform is built on patented real-time identification technology and a proprietary data management platform. Learn more about Demandbase’s integration into marketing automation here.

Marketo is hosting a virtual expo, the Marketing National Virtual Event – The New Rules of Marketing, in which attendees can learn more about the latest trends in digital marketing. Demandbase will be speaking on new trends in metrics & analytics for more effective marketing. Register and find more information here.

About Demandbase

Demandbase is the first targeting and personalization platform for B2B, transforming the effectiveness of marketing programs and marketing’s ability to impact revenue. Demandbase’s patented technology identifies and segments the companies visiting a website, providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time, and without the use of cookies. Demandbase platform modules include Company-Targeted Advertising, Website Personalization, B2B Analytics, and lead capture Form Optimization. The Demandbase platform integrates with other sales and marketing technologies to deliver unique intelligence about web visitors to make online interactions more effective and better attract, convert and retain the right customers. For more information, visit

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