Demandbase Introduces Sales Accelerator on Salesforce Appexchange to Connect B2B Advertising and Marketing Results with Sales Performance

Demandbase receives investment from Salesforce Ventures,’s corporate investment group

SAN FRANCISCO – Dreamforce 2014 – October 13, 2014 – Demandbase, a leader in B2B marketing cloud solutions, today announced the launch of a new application on the Salesforce AppExchange, Demandbase Sales Accelerator. Built expressly for B2B sales and marketing teams, Sales Accelerator automatically pushes critical account insights harvested from advertising and web site traffic into the Salesforce1 Platform. By converging these disparate data sets, Sales Accelerator helps bridge the gap between a company’s sales and marketing organizations, empowering the teams to align around high-value accounts and optimize budgets and initiatives based on sales activity.

Sales Accelerator is part of the Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud, which unifies results from across the marketing stack including multi-channel advertising programs, website personalization, A/B testing, Chat, marketing automation and now CRM. It highlights campaign performance over time for any account, industry or business segment and exposes relevant trends. The application also enables sales teams to request targeted advertising to their high value accounts from to increase awareness and engagement during the sales cycle.

Sales Accelerator predicts new opportunities and sends alerts to sales people when the activity from a key account has significantly increased. Alerts and other notifications can be sent directly through a user’s Salesforce account on their mobile phone, leveraging the capabilities of the Salesforce1 Mobile App. By helping sales people identify high quality selling opportunities before the hand-raise, Sales Accelerator shortens the sales cycle and maximizes the value of a company’s marketing investment.

“Our full-scale B2B marketing cloud solution, including our own programmatic advertising platform, has been transformational for B2B marketers,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “It has also significantly improved sales and marketing alignment at our customers’ organizations. But the convergence of ad tech and marketing tech becomes more meaningful when integrated with the sales data in CRM systems.”

Sales Accelerator not only eliminates money wasted on accounts unlikely to ever buy, it gives sales people insight into marketing-driven engagement for key accounts. It provides the opportunity for them to give feedback, ensuring that both teams are aligned around investment for these high-value accounts. For example, based on insights from Sales Accelerator, sales teams can work with marketing to determine which of their accounts are served advertising based on the size of the revenue opportunity or pipeline status.

“By leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Platform, Demandbase provides customers with the proven social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate business success.” said Ron Huddleston, senior vice president, global AppExchange and partner program, “We’re excited to have the benefit of Demandbase available to Salesforce customers by including Sales Accelerator in the AppExchange. Sales Accelerator empowers the ecosystem with an offering aligning sales resources while maximizing B2B marketing efforts.”

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, the social, mobile and cloud customer platform built to transform sales, service and marketing, Demandbase Sales Accelerator is currently available on the AppExchange at

Demandbase also received an investment from Salesforce Ventures,’s corporate investment group.

Demandbase is used by hundreds of companies, including Adobe, Box, CSC, Dell, and others. To learn more about Demandbase, visit

About Demandbase

Demandbase is a leading advertising and personalization company for B2B. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud is the only subscription-based ad targeting and web personalization solution that ables marketers to connect campaigns directly to revenue. Demandbase makes it possible for businesses to deliver personalized ads targeting specific businesses across the web, and then tailor the messages on their websites to convert these companies to customers. The B2B Marketing Cloud is powered by patented technology that enables marketers to identify and segment companies on the web and delivers detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time. The B2B Marketing Cloud connects to existing sales and marketing technologies – including CMS, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, chat and others — and provides a unified view of all activity across the entire sales funnel. With Demandbase, businesses can target, engage, convert and retain the customers only that matter most to their bottom line. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies such as Adobe, Box, CSC, DocuSign, Dell and others use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance. For more information, visit

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