Demandbase and SiteTuners Partner to Optimize Websites and Drive Higher Conversions

Joint Offering Helps B2B Marketers Transform Existing Technology Investments into More Productive Tools; Included in Comprehensive Suite of Strategic Services Made Available to Business Marketers

SAN FRANCISCO and SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Oct. 8, 2013 – Demandbase, Inc., the targeting and personalization platform for B2B, and website optimization leader SiteTuners, today announced a joint offering that adds immediate value to marketers looking for ways to optimize their websites for higher conversions. The partnership couples Demandbase’s real-time platform with SiteTuners’ expertise around building highly persuasive landing pages and websites that motivate visitors and drive conversions. The new offering enables B2B marketers to design and fully optimize websites and landing pages so that target business buyers are exposed to custom content and offers that increase the likelihood of conversion. The service is launched as part of the Demandbase Strategic Services Suite, also announced today, including Managed Analytics Consulting Services, as well as Target Account Marketing Strategies, co-delivered by New Business Strategies.

“The combination of Demandbase’s technology and SiteTuners optimization services will increase visitor engagement and drive exponentially more conversions from web traffic,” said Tim Ash, founder, and CEO, SiteTuners and bestselling author of Landing Page Optimization. “Testing has shown that personalizing a visitor’s website experience with real-time intelligence about the visitor yields higher gains and increases conversions up to 300 percent.”

The partnership’s inaugural solution, Demandbase Landing Page Optimization, co-delivered with SiteTuners, includes:

  • UE/UX landing page best practices focused on guiding the visitor to specific messages or offers and ultimately completing the call-to-action that turns them from “visitor” to “qualified lead”
  • Shortened web forms with fewer fields, while still capturing the detailed company information required to score, segment and route leads to the appropriate sales channel
  • Personalized site experiences for web visitors from target accounts

“By combining SiteTuners web optimization with Demandbase, customers are able to engage website visitors in a deeper way than had been previously possible,” said Greg Ott, CMO of Demandbase. “This first integration is focused on capturing leads at specific optimized landing pages or web forms – one of the primary places where web traffic is lost. We are looking forward to launching further joint products in the future.”

Together, Demandbase and SiteTuners deliver marketers a turnkey landing page solution that shows immediate ROI and more effectively drives campaign success. The Demandbase Forms module improves online conversion rates and overall lead quality by delivering detailed business information about web visitors without requiring that information be manually added within a Web form. Now with SiteTuners, fine-tuned web forms become a part of a holistic approach to optimizing the entire page – from layout and UI, clarity, navigational framework and ease of use.

Demandbase Consulting Services provides Go-Live and Strategic Services support to customers licensing the Demandbase Platform, which plugs into existing online marketing tools such as web analytics, CMS, CRM, advertising exchanges, live chat, and marketing automation — giving all of these tools a consistent view of the company attributes in real time. Because Demandbase can identify the business attributes of otherwise anonymous web visitors in real time, B2B marketers are able to target advertisements to the companies with the greatest revenue potential, personalize experiences for target accounts, and improve analytics and lead segmentation.

About Demandbase

Demandbase is the first targeting and personalization platform for B2B, transforming the effectiveness of marketing programs and marketing’s ability to impact revenue. While personalization tools have long existed for B2C, until now, none were geared specifically to enable B2B marketers to make online interactions more effective, delivering the right message at the right time. Without the use of cookies, Demandbase’s patented identification technology bridges the gap between known and anonymous web visitors by identifying and segmenting the companies visiting a website, and providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time. Demandbase integrates with other sales and marketing technologies to deliver unique intelligence about web visitors, and better attract, convert and retain the right customers. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies alike use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance. For more information, visit

About SiteTuners

SiteTuners is a conversion rate optimization firm that works with companies to improve online conversion rates. Established in 2002, SiteTuners was one of the first companies to focus exclusively on landing page testing and tuning services, and is still considered a pioneer in the field, offering conversion-specific landing page evaluations, best practice website redesigns, test plan development, and training of internal optimization teams. More than 1,250 companies have turned to SiteTuners to improve the performance of their online marketing programs through conversion rate optimization. For more information, visit