Demandbase and New Business Strategies Partner to Advance Marketers' Target Account Marketing Strategies

Technology Resources Now Combined with Strategic Best Practices from Demandbase and Industry Leader Christine Crandell

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 8, 2013 – Demandbase, Inc., the targeting and personalization platform for B2B, today announced that it has partnered with business strategy consulting leader, New Business Strategies™ to deliver Target Account Marketing Strategy Services to Demandbase customers. The Demandbase platform, combined with this new offering that leverages the industry-leading expertise of New Business Strategies, will empower B2B marketers to integrate the Demandbase technology with a deep understanding of their buyers’ behavior in order to better engage customers and drive sales. The new offering complements Demandbase’s overall Strategic Services Suite, also announced today which includes Managed Analytics Consulting Services.

Today’s business marketer is challenged with selecting and implementing marketing technologies that will drive growth and build the pipeline. However, these efforts won’t yield the desired results unless the technology is aligned with their customers’ lifecycle strategy. This new offering empowers marketers with a strategic foundation by first providing a blueprint that maps an organization’s business buyers’ activities and expectations. The map enables marketers to create more revenue-productive campaigns by aligning the right content, calls-to-action, forms and interactions to each step the buyer takes in their purchase process as well as their experience expectations.

“Marketers need to understand the DNA of their buyers through their buyers’ eyes, including how they consume content, engage with other organizations, and buy products, in order to align with sales and deliver results,” said Christine Crandell, president, New Business Strategies and a renowned expert in B2B marketing strategy and demand generation. “But once this customer lifecycle is understood, knowing how and when to implement the appropriate technology drives faster conversions and revenue. Creating a blueprint for your organization is critical to make this happen; it informs the technology strategy that is ultimately necessary to satisfy business marketers’ critical goals and objectives.”

The Demandbase Target Marketing Strategy Offering includes:

  • Target Account Marketing workshop that provide an actionable blueprint of improvement steps to maximize engagement and revenue from target accounts
  • Target account journey blueprint creation and execution, including: lead to close illustrations, and full funnel tollgate maps
  • A full funnel content strategy to enable customers to create, target and deliver content that engages customers at every stage along the customer lifecycle

“Many companies recognize that technology is critical to their success but fail in their execution because they lack a foundational understanding of the customer life cycle,” said Amit Varshneya, VP Consulting Services, Demandbase. “Our new offering provides for the first time a the combination of a transformative technology like the Demandbase targeting and personalization platform and advisory services from some of the most sought after experts in customer experience strategy and optimization. It supports the development and execution of target marketing strategies that reach the most important audiences.”

Demandbase Consulting Services provides Go-Live and Strategic Services support to customers licensing the Demandbase platform, which plugs into existing online marketing tools, such as web analytics, CMS, CRM, advertising exchanges, live chat, and marketing automation — giving all of these tools a consistent view of the company attributes in real time. Because Demandbase can identify the business attributes of otherwise anonymous web visitors in real time, B2B marketers are able to target advertisements to the companies with the greatest revenue potential, personalize experiences for target accounts – across the entire sales cycle – and improve analytics and lead segmentation.

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Demandbase is the first targeting and personalization platform for B2B, transforming the effectiveness of marketing programs and marketing’s ability to impact revenue. Demandbase’s patented technology identifies and segments the companies visiting a website, providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time, and without the use of cookies. Demandbase platform modules include Company-Targeted Advertising, Website Personalization, B2B Analytics, and lead capture Form Optimization. The Demandbase platform integrates with other sales and marketing technologies to deliver unique intelligence about web visitors to make online interactions more effective and better attract, convert and retain the right customers. For more information, visit

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