Demandbase Adds Europe To RTID | August 2010

Demandbase Adds Europe To Real-Time Identification Service

Proprietary Database Now Maps 800 Million IP Addresses to Businesses Across North America and Europe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — August 18, 2010 — Demandbase, Inc., a technology company providing marketing performance improvement solutions for B2B marketers, today announced that its Real-Time Identification service can now match more than 800 million IP addresses to businesses across North America and Europe. By accurately identifying more than 75 percent of web visits from businesses within these regions – before content is rendered – Demandbase’s Real-Time ID service enables customers to deliver a personalized and more engaging web experience based on a specific account, company, size or the industry of the inbound visitor. Personalization by these account-based dimensions increases online conversion rates for new prospects and generates higher retention and engagement of existing customers.

The Demandbase database and Cloud-based technology enables companies marketing to US, Canadian and European businesses to generate 50 percent more online sign-ups or customer conversions from existing web traffic and serve existing customers even better. Leveraging Demandbase’s platform, companies can deliver a web experience with industry-specific messages, shorter web forms or even custom product offers for specific accounts. Additionally, the service can easily integrate into existing marketing and technology solutions, such as CRM, analytics and web chat to improve online sales and support efficiency.

“Companies with a web forward strategy recognize that their web site is the key point of interaction for new and existing customers. B2B companies are just starting to catch up to their B2C counterparts on the benefits of targeting and personalization, but B2B requires a different, account-based view to be effective. Typically, we help customers double their online conversion rates,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “Our service now enables businesses to better service all of the companies visiting their site from the first point of contact.”

The Demandbase Real-Time ID service is built on its Cloud-based Business Resolution Platform, a proprietary data cleansing and business correlation engine that uses a broad network of structured data providers along with crowd sourced data and explicit feedback loops from hundreds of millions of web visits from over 2,000 B2B web sites. The combination of multi-sourced data, overlaid with accumulated business intelligence, gives Demandbase a unique ability to identify business traffic, without using cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and deliver that information in real-time.

Demandbase’s Real-Time ID Service has an open API that integrates with web chat, CRM, web analytics, marketing automation and CMS platforms to provide the immediate actionable information to make these existing web technologies more effective. This intelligence provides an account-based view of web traffic to improve overall performance of the B2B marketing organization.