The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX)

Everything you need to know about the future of Account-Based Marketing and B2B go-to-market.

Learn how to execute ABX

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Why this guide is sooooo important right now …

About 10 years ago, we saw the explosive rise of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). For the first time, we in B2B could focus on specific, named lists of qualified accounts. And we could place our budgets and time on the companies that were a good fit. (No more wasting budget on companies that Sales didn’t want to talk to.) It was all pretty exciting.

But for all its benefits, early ABM was also flawed. Partly because it didn’t deliver on what Sales teams needed: hot accounts they could contact to drive revenue right now.

Fortunately, there’s another way.

We call it Account-Based Experience (ABX). It is a fundamental, customer-centric rethinking of an account-based go-to-market — one that combines the engageability of inbound marketing with the precision and targeting of Account-Based Marketing. So you reach your best-fit accounts when and how they want to be reached.

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