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I’m Thinking of a cookieless world with Gareth Noonan

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October 1, 2021

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I'm Thinking of a cookieless world with Gareth Noonan

I’m Thinking of a cookieless world with Gareth Noonan

A World Without Cookies

We’re heading to a cookieless world, which can seem intimidating for a lot of customers. Many of us are wondering what other options are available to the well-known cookies, once they disappear. Join me and GM of Advertising at Demandbase, Gareth Noonan, on this episode of “I’m Thinking of” as we explore what life might look like in a brave new cookieless world. 

Closer than you think

While the idea of a cookieless world may be a surprise to some, Gareth says that the change has been a long time coming, and he’s prepared.

Long before Google announced its plans to cease third-party tracking of cookies in their Chrome browser next year, Gareth and his team started working on a product that he calls High Intent Pages. Thanks to Gareth’s team, Demandbase customers will be able to use High Intent Pages to switch intent tracking and bidding from a cookie dependency to a more hyper-contextualized approach.

High Intent Pages basically switches intent tracking and bidding from a cookie dependency to more of a hyper-contextual approach where we look at the profile and characteristics of an account, and then we look at how those characteristics perform on a given page within our cyclist.”– Gareth Noonan

This intent-based bidding can be achieved with natural language processing and artificial intelligence, by extracting the theme and context from a page. Because of that, Gareth explains, Demandbase is switching from a cookie-based individual user view of the world to an account profile and context view.

So is content the new cookie? – Jon Leiberman

I think that’s a good way of looking at it. – Gareth Noonan

So what do you think?

Are you ready for a cookieless world? Watch the full conversation on DBTV to learn more about how Gareth and his team are monitoring cookie trends and judge for yourself. And for more from Gareth, be sure to check out his segments on DBTV’s The ABXperience where he talks about advertising without cookies and the common concerns he’s seen from customers regarding the timing of Chrome’s changes.


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