Demandbase + Optimizely

Account-Based Personalization Made Easy

Delivering targeted, relevant messages to your B2B buyers from the very beginning of the buying cycle leads to increased engagement, increased conversions, and greater customer loyalty. Most companies recognize that they need website personalization to achieve those results, but struggle with the complexity of developing and implementing a strategy, especially before visitors have shared contact information. As a B2B marketer, building your personalization strategy around key account segments allows you not only to focus your efforts on high-value prospects, but also to measurably impact buyers, even during the anonymous portion of the buying cycle. • Quickly build B2B audiences in Optimizely • Engage key audiences with vertical-specific personalization • Test and validate personalization • Get started fast

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“By personalizing to key segments, Citrix increased overall engagement by 30% and increased clicks by as much as 168%.”

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