Demandbase + Marketo

Seamless, Integrated ABM

Combine first party contact data from Marketo
with deep account-based intent data from Demandbase.

This expanded integration helps marketers link known contact and anonymous account data across the platforms by leveraging intent and engagement insights to identify and expand high value accounts and take action on them across multiple channels. Get a comprehensive view of the buyer’s journey from the very first signals of intent to marketing engagement to sales activity.

  • Share account and contact data, with Demandbase pulling in Marketo segments based on contact and account activity, and pushing out account-based audiences for execution through Marketo and other channels.
  • Create actionable and dynamic segments based on Marketo data in Demandbase by combining both the account and contact-level data allowing you to launch campaigns against these accounts.
  • Launch account-based advertising campaigns with Demandbase, expanding on the first party contact data from Marketo to reach the broader buying committee within a target account.

Ready to get in on the benefits of integrated abm?