Demandbase + Google Analytics

Turn website metrics into B2B web analytics

Demandbase delivers new, account-based information about your site visitors directly into Google Analytics. It adds new intelligence about the businesses responding to you online with categories that include: • Company Name • Industry • Company Size (Employee Count) • Annual Revenue This account-based view enables you to focus on the quality of the traffic you are driving, moving beyond the individual visitor to look at the customers, prospects, targeted accounts and even competitors visiting your site.

Tom Kahana

“We now have better insights around the pages visitors stop on or exit from which allows us to make educated decisions about what they need and how we can keep them engaged. From there, we can move them from just visiting our web pages to downloading an asset, which allows us to reach out to them directly.”

 Tom Kahana 
Limelight Networks
Senior Director, Marketing Operations
Tom Kahana