This is How You ABM with RingCentral

Learn from tips, tricks and best practices to implement an Account-Based Marketing strategy to grow a business in 2020. Read more


This is How You ABM with RingCentral

Are you tasked to “do ABM” in 2020? Are you wondering how your specific role and responsibilities will shift as your organisation implements and scales their Account-Based strategy? Well then Listen Up: This Is How You ABM.

Join the conversation with Sam O’Brien and Sunny Dhami (Ring Central’s Senior UX Manager and Senior Director of Product Marketing, respectively) as they discuss:

  • The trials, tribulations, and challenges they have overcome while implementing a successful ABM strategy
  • Tips and tricks to help streamline the ABM journey
  • How ABM has impacted their role and successes encountered along the way

Sam and Sunny will share their experiences and how their lessons learned can be applied to specific roles within the organisation.

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