Matching Sales Needs with
Marketing Strategy

A Closer Look at the Forrester SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum Model

Live Webinar

Thursday, September 24
10 - 11AM PDT

Are your Sales and Marketing teams running to- or away from each other? Best friends, or distant cousins?

Sales and Marketing alignment is playing a more critical role as organizations look to scale their growth strategies. Sales teams are focused on market segments, and marketing is often focused on channel tactics. Just because this statement is true, doesn’t mean it is right. According to the Forrester SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum:

* Marketers must deploy a range of marketing approaches, from demand marketing to large-account marketing, to match desired company goals and sales needs.

* Organizations must audit their ability to support different marketing approaches across three dimensions: insights, collaboration, and customization.

* By matching the marketing approach to sales needs, organizations can ensure sales and marketing are aligned appropriately to drive success. [An Introduction to the Forrester SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum]

Is your organization ready for the next phase of growth? During the webinar, participants will get insights on how to:

  • Tailor marketing approaches to sales strategies.
  • Leverage account-based segmentation for best-in-class outreach.
  • Unify and find common ground by using the 6 pillars of sales and marketing unification.

Featuring guest speaker Bob Peterson, VP, and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Brian Finnerty VP of Growth, Demandbase.

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Bob Peterson
VP, Principal Analyst, Demand and Account-Based Marketing
Brian Finnerty
VP, Growth Marketing