Intent is the New Lead

Learn how to lean in with intent for better account engagement so that you and your team can scale Account-Based Marketing for Sales success.


Intent is the New Lead

In the digital world, there are varying degrees of intent data and insights that help Sales better target and engage high-value accounts based on their propensity to buy.

As we are increasingly reliant on data, digital bread crumbs can become scattered along complex buyer journeys. Sales needs to lean in with intent data in order to understand those journeys. 

Teams that leverage intent data are engaging with their prospects with more precision and more engagement, well before their competitors are. During the webinar, Jay Tuel, VP of Sales Development and Kevin Rooney, Director of Sales Development dive into:

  • How to leverage real-time intent data
  • Best practices for contact discovery and personalized outreach
  • Using Sales Action Reports to prioritize and organize accounts showing buying signal intent

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